The Most Competitive States of India

Bangalore: A country’s growth and development is often based on its growing economy.  Most of the cities in India have now developed in terms of economy as per the report by the Institute for Competitiveness (IFC) which are based on the four pillars of competitiveness like demand conditions, factor conditions, context for strategy and supporting and related industries. The latest report consists of criteria that are essential for the growth of the nation’s economy. Here are India’s most competitive states, as listed by

1. Delhi:

Delhi, the Capital city of India bagged the top position once again as the most competitive state of the country. It still shows its ability in factors like physical infrastructure, communication facilities, administrative environment, financial infrastructure and scope for innovation. 

The capital city also leads in supporting industry pillars which comprise the supplier sophistication and institutional support that provide a positive environment for businesses to flourish. The manufacturing industry of the state has witnessed a sturdy growth. The important industries of the state comprise of information technology, telecommunications, hotels, banking, media and tourism.

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