The Most Competitive States of India

The Most Competitive States of India

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 30 July 2013, 12:51 Hrs   |    4 Comments
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Bangalore: A country’s growth and development is often based on its growing economy.  Most of the cities in India have now developed in terms of economy as per the report by the Institute for Competitiveness (IFC) which are based on the four pillars of competitiveness like demand conditions, factor conditions, context for strategy and supporting and related industries. The latest report consists of criteria that are essential for the growth of the nation’s economy. Here are India’s most competitive states, as listed by

1. Delhi:

Delhi, the Capital city of India bagged the top position once again as the most competitive state of the country. It still shows its ability in factors like physical infrastructure, communication facilities, administrative environment, financial infrastructure and scope for innovation. 

The capital city also leads in supporting industry pillars which comprise the supplier sophistication and institutional support that provide a positive environment for businesses to flourish. The manufacturing industry of the state has witnessed a sturdy growth. The important industries of the state comprise of information technology, telecommunications, hotels, banking, media and tourism.

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Reader's comments(4)
1: Please help me to find #5 - 7.
Posted by:ulf - 10 Aug, 2013
2: Really hope leadership in Center & TRIPURA Govt takes a FUTURISTIC approach and goes BIG to put TRIPURA into national & international scheme of things and strives hard in making AGARTALA into an world class city signifying uprising India's growing prowess!

We really need to move forward by developing TRIPURA with world class infrastructures and bring it at par with best of the other Indian states in the shortest possible time!

Yes - we do have logistical issues in terms of connectivity,tough terrains - which slowly but surely being overcomed with multiple links opening up through Bangladesh,Myanmar!

Appreciating TRIPURA Govt and Center on the development works so far,would request to set higher goals and aim to make TRIPURA the new face of emerging India!

And this would require a dynamic approach - something similar to what has happened to GUJARAT in terms of attracting best of the industries inspite of not being a metro and GUJARAT in no time has become a preference for Industries compared to other industrially established states!

Some of the very important issues plaguing TRIPURA badly:

1.Not a single high tech corporate, big MNCs (from IT, High Tech, FMCG, Manufacturing, Service, Banking, Textile Healthcare, Retailing, Power, Automobile sectors) have a presence in TRIPURA - Need of the hour is to have many and which is a must to open up window of professional opportunities (and mass employment) for lakhs of bright youths of the state.

2.Not a single world class 5 star hotel, shopping mall and multiplexes exists in TRIPURA - Need of the hour is to have many and which is a must for a better and modern lifestyle for both people of State as well as thousands of tourists arriving in the state.

3.Not a single higher education institute of national importance (IIM, IIT, IISc, AIMS, Symbiosis management institutes, Xavier management institutes etc ...) exists in TRIPURA - Need of the hour is to have many and which is a must to bring youths at par to the ones in other part of India.

4.Not a single hospital of national importance (in terms of quality and trusted brand - e.g AIIMS, Appolo, Manipal Hospitals, Fortis Hospital etc ..) exists in TRIPURA - Need of the hour is to have many and which is a must for those helpless people of state who has to run around and rush to kolkata and other states for treatment in those critical hours of life!

5.Not a single world class rail facility (starting from poor amenities in stations, sub standard coaches, irregular train timings, lack of safety during night travel etc ...) exist in different railway stations in TRIPURA .. including lack of a strong intra NE rail connectivity much are we prepared once AGARTALA-AKHAURA rail link opens up for connecting TRIPURA to other parts India and outside world (through Chittagong international port)?

6.Not a single world class infrastructure exists in Bus communication between TRIPURA (Agartala) to other states in NE including lack of world class busses (Volvo AC, non-AC etc) in addition to excellent recreational outlets in each of the bus routes between states .. also, landslide being a huge problem still remains unresolved ..causing serious inconvenience to travelers getting stuck in the middle of bus journey for longer periods ..

7.Not a single global investor meet organised yet in TRIPURA (whereas in Karnataka, Gujarat and even Chattisgarh these are almost frequent affairs). Need of the hour is organize such event which would surely put TRIPURA in global map and radar of world class corporates!

8.Not a single world class stadium/infrastructure (at par with Eden Gardens Stadium, M Chinnaswamy Stadium,M. A. Chidambaram Stadium) exists to host nations favorite sporting event (Cricket matches involving India national team), which is a must for true integration among people from Northeast,mainland India, tourists from neighboring countries e.g Bangladesh, Myanmar, SE Asia!

9.Not a single international Airport (with an world class terminal and facilities at par with Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi Airports) exists in TRIPURA! With growing economic linkage between INDIA and other ASIAN countries (latest being PM's visit to Japan and Thailand) as part of INDIA's LOOK-EAST POLICY, it hardly leaves any room for imagination - the role AGARTALA going to play in near future being the hub of international trade. And SMOOTH and AROMATIC flow of INTERNATIONAL and DOMESTIC travelers (includes businessman, tourists, patients, students) will hold key to fully realize potential of LOOK-EAST policy envisioned by INDIA's leadership.

Also urgent need of the hour is to complete all the existing infrastructure projects as soon as possible and identification and sanctioning of all other infrastructure projects fulfilling above infrastructure gaps without any further delay!

IMPOSSIBLE - just means I AM POSSIBLE! If India need to catch up with developed part of the world,the most strategically placed NORTHEAST TRIPURA need to be made into a developed state in the shortest possible time!

I strongly believe TRIPURA govt (in close co-ordination with Center, other concerned dignitaries and all corporate vissionaries) can certainly achieve this sooner rather than late .. which would definitely give its people a better employment opportunities, a better healthcare, a better access to quality education, a quality lifestyle, and last but not the least a confident and connected TRIPURA leading India's charge towards contributing to a more stable and stronger global economy!!
Posted by:Vissionary - 08 Aug, 2013
3: Which states are 5th and 6th rank holders?
Posted by:Ramesh Babu - 04 Aug, 2013
4: Delhi always comes 1st for anything..aftrol its where all the big honchos of the country resides...
Posted by:daila - 30 Jul, 2013