The Bizarre, The Weird, The Irrelevant Laws Of India

(4) Prevention of Seditious Meetings Act, 1911

Do you know it is illegal for more than 10 couples to dance together on a dance floor?

According to a law formulated in1911, no public meeting or discussion of any subject likely to cause disturbance or public excitement or for the exhibition or distribution of any writing or printed matter relating to any such subject is punishable.

In case, to hold such a meeting, a written notice of the intention, time and place of such meeting has to be acknowledged to the District Magistrate or the Commissioner of Police at least three days prior to the event.

(5) Undefined Annoyance

If you create any kind of obscene act or annoyance, you can be put behind the bars, pay fine or both, as per the guidelines mentioned in a law; but it has not mentioned what kind of annoyance?

Similarly, according to the section 294(a) of the Indian penal Code, 1860, if you try for a suicide and succeed then its legal, and if you tired and failed in the attempt, you will surely end up behind the bars.  

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