Must-dos for UPPSC PCS Mains Preparation 2020

Must-dos for UPPSC PCS Mains Preparation 2020

Preparing for UPPSC Mains 2020 is an exhaustive and a long phase of the exam preparation which is scheduled for 29th April 2020. The UPPSC Mains exam demands devoted dedication, consistency, hard work and plenty of answer writing practice.

You have successfully cleared the first hurdle, i.e. UPPSC Prelims 2020 and now it's time to redouble your efforts furthermore to reach the interview stage.

Before diving into the preparation for UPPSC PCS Mains 2020, there are certain things that you should be confident about, like the books to refer to, a monthly/weekly study plan with realistic targets and the UPPSC Mains 2020 syllabus. Once you have the following things in order, you must remember the points mentioned hereafter.

  • Apart from the books to study from, always keep a copy of the syllabus with you. The UPPSC PCS Mains 2020 syllabus is vast and detailed, and you must use it as a checklist while preparing for the examination. Ensure that you can write 250-300 words for each topic mentioned in the syllabus.
  • Learn to make notes as the syllabus is vast and the booklist is long, and it is not practical to revise the books entirely. Develop a habit of maintaining notes from all the books, government publications, newspapers and other resources you might refer to. At the end of your preparation, you would have a set of pages with your entire syllabus compiled in it.
  • Previous year papers present themselves as a suitable beginning and end to the exam preparation. In the start, it tells you about the weightage of various topics and kind of questions asked. It helps you understand if the questions asked are more direct or analysis based. Towards the end of the preparation, it determines your level of preparedness for each topic.
  • For the mains exam preparation, both the optional subjects and general studies play an important role. Divide your day and devote adequate time for GS, optional paper and current affairs.
    E.g., begin your day with the newspaper, then GS and subsequently take a lunch break. Post lunch you may practice a mock test for the GS paper you are preparing moving on to the optional subject and then mock test for optional subject. Post dinner revise everything that you have studied in the day plus current affairs.
  • Experts and toppers cannot stress enough on the importance of answer writing for mains examination. There is no point in reading the books and revising if you don't practise answer writing. The examination does not judge you as per the number of books read but on the way, your answer is written and the content in it.

    The practice for answer writing is not only to learn how to form answers and compile your extensive knowledge of a topic within minutes and within the word limit, but also to prevent mental & physical fatigue. It is exhausting to write continuously for 3hrs under stress for each paper. You must train yourself to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Current affairs hold a significant portion of your Mains syllabus. It is not extensively mentioned in the syllabus for all the GS papers; however, your preparation is incomplete with value addition of current affairs. To remain updated, you must read a newspaper every day and make notes from the same. Also, refer to Gradeup daily current affairs updates to ensure a quality compilation and complete coverage.
  • General Studies papers require peripheral knowledge about various topics thus, you must know something about everything. Do not spend your time and efforts on a single subject only, utilise and divide it judiciously. Maintain an optimal balance between all the topics and subjects after all you need to score in all the papers to qualify UPPSC Mains 2020.
  • When you practice the test series and mock tests, do them as if you are writing the Mains Examination. Do not procrastinate taking the test or ignore the time limit for the test, it will just hamper your performance and preparation. You must learn how to write effectively with all the relevant information within the time limit

Apart from the mentioned points, do not undermine your preparation by comparing it with others. Every aspirant has their unique approach, sources and pace of learning for mains examination preparation. You can download UPPSC PCS exam preparation app, build your own strategy accordingly, follow it diligently, and you shall be successful in your efforts.

All the best.