Most Pakistanis Find India Greater Threat than Taliban

Most Pakistanis Find India Greater Threat than Taliban

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 28 June 2012, 11:13 Hrs   |    12 Comments
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Bangalore: Nearly three-fifths of the people of Pakistan believe that India poses a greater threat to their country than those from the Taliban and al-Qaeda, a recent survey revealed.

Only 22 percent of Pakistanis have a favorable view of traditional rival India, although this is actually a slight improvement from 14 percent last year.

Moreover, when asked - which is the biggest threat to their country, India, the Taliban, or al-Qaeda, 59 percent named India, said Pew Research Center.

Pakistanis, it said, have consistently identified India as the top threat since the question was first asked in 2009. The percentage fearing India has increased by 11 points since then, while the percentage naming the Taliban has decreased by nine points.

Despite these negative sentiments, 62 percent of Pakistanis say it is important to improve relations with India. And roughly two-thirds support more bilateral trade and further talks to try to reduce tensions between the two nations, the survey results said.

Most Indians, it said, also want better relations, more trade, and further talks between the two nations. Still, Indian attitude toward Pakistan remain largely negative. Roughly six-in-ten Indians (59 percent) express an unfavorable opinion of Pakistan, although this is down slightly from 65 percent in 2011. India is not the only country, however, where negative views of Pakistan prevail.

Majorities or pluralities give Pakistan a negative rating in six of the seven other countries where this question was asked, including China, Japan, and three predominantly Muslim nations — Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia.

(With agency inputs)

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Reader's comments(12)
1: they cannot think outside of their religious and terrorist muck
Posted by:RKDC - 04 Jul, 2012
2: Its west of time to reflect about the failed as a nation & its peple.
Posted by:Ujwal Latkar - 01 Jul, 2012
3: I also totaly support the idea of not publishing such meterial which is only widening the gap between tow people.
Media in both countreis shuold make every efforts to bring the two nations closer and Leaders both sides should start to wash out the nagative thoughts in the heads of the two Nations.
Posted by:R M Rasteen - 01 Jul, 2012
4: Why should Pakistanis fear Taliban more than India- after all Taliban are Pakistanis. Indians on the other hand want better relations as it will increase trade. For them money is God.
Posted by:Satinder - 29 Jun, 2012
5: The only positive thing to come out of pakistan is music, whether Nusrat, Rahat saheb or Atif Aslam. Rest all can be consigned to the **** heap. That they hate us does not bother me in the least. As long as they keep their terrorists to themselves it is okay by me.
Posted by:Abdul - 28 Jun, 2012
6: Death warrant for Nehruvians and Nehruvian Congress leaders

There is a solution, but Nehruvians and their allies do not want any solution even if Pakistan agrees to it.

People of Pakistan has lost India, and people of India has lost Pakistan. Besides this due to becoming weak in the wars with each others they have lost land to China.

To spread anti-India phobia is the bread and butter for politicians of Pakistan. This is quite comparable with Nehruvians and its supporters’ Anti-Modi, Anti-BJP phobia. Muslims may votes for Narendra Modi in Gujarat due to the skilful, secular and good governance of Narendra Modi. This is because they have realized the progress and facts. This is because BJP and Narendra Modi can give a death warrant to Nehruvians leaders if they come to power with clear majority.

As for the people of Pakistan for maintaining the phobia the fundamentalist would be doomed if they discard it.
Posted by:shirish dave - 28 Jun, 2012
7: The Pakis under ZIA-ul-Huq instructed the ISI to brainwash the younger generation that INDIA was their main enemy, the 1971 defeat & their surrender was not acceptable to the pakis. under ISI & other Rangers Madarsas,religious congregation preached how oppressed the Muslims in INDIA were, Executions carried out by their own ISI in Indian Army fatigues & doctored Protests were all widely distributed in the Muslim world .These dramatics of the pakis made the muslim world esp the Gulf muslim rulers sympathise with pakistan & the ISI in return guranteed revenge against the Isrealis hence the nuclear espionage started. This made them receive foreign Aid & funds which the Army pocketed. but development never happened inside pakistan. The very sustainence of pakistan is India Bashing & make money.ELse its a failed state where Terrorists are only groomed. India cannot be compared to it anywher nor we like competing with RATS. its in their intrest to be alive as a nation else you would only find sex starving mullahs & eunucks in that country. Pakis must thank INDIA & god at least they get inspired by Bollywood movies & have Dawood the Smuggler & fake currency distributor guiding them effectively, they must hire Chidu or Pranabda for managing their economy.
Posted by:nair - 28 Jun, 2012
8: I live in the US and was just thinking of a thing one of my American friends told me a few days ago. "You keep hearing of pakistani terrorists. You never hear about Indian terrorists in Pakistan." Let any Pakistani refute that statement.
Posted by:Ashok - 28 Jun, 2012
9: What can you say about the tribals who can only think from between their thighs?
Posted by:Why - 28 Jun, 2012
10: Pakistan has always feared India!
Posted by:ram - 28 Jun, 2012
India cannot be a threat any country in world. We support peace. We are not greedy for anyone's belongings.
Pakistan leaders should change their people mind sent and send message to people leave in faith & friendliness instead of saying wrong things their people that does not exists.
Indian Replied to: ram - 28 Jun, 2012
It is all creation and mind work of some one to divert the attention of the common people. In fact the the people of all SAARC countries having same friendliness and brotherhood. because their thinking and living pattern is same. Any statement unless supported with logic and reasoning. India does not any thing from any body self sustained as such It never invaded any country at any point of time and though many outsider looted Hindustan still it is strong even today. No country need to have fear about India. As we do not want any thing from any body. Such thing need not be published to have negative thoughts.
Rao Replied to: Indian - 28 Jun, 2012