'Make In India': Govt Needs Reforms To Build Skilled Labor

BANGALORE:  A lot has been said about in the “Make In India” program initiated by PM Modi, which aims at transforming nation’s fate towards new horizons. The campaign has been concentrated to fulfill the purpose of job creation, enforcement to secondary and tertiary sector, boosting national economy, thus converting India to a self-reliant country and to give the Indian economy global recognition.

But does Modi’s mission to revive India is growing consistently? The announcement of the “Make In India” programme might have brought a smile upon every local manufacturer in India but at the same time, there are some dark spots that are hindering in the process of development of this programme.

Surely, India is amongst the nations who have large number of resources and adequate potential to utilize for industrial growth and full of labour but on the contrary these labors lack far away in skills and training. A lot of negative impact is a direct influence of illiteracy and unawareness in India.

Modi’s “Make In India” program is influenced by China’s export led growth path but the social and economic conditions in India differ in big way. China became a huge manufacturing giant because the educated students are molded into formal skilled training whereas in a country like India, majority of children are hardly able to attain secondary education only.

 RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan said while speaking at the Bharat Ram Memorial Lecture in FICCI said, "I am cautioning against picking a particular sector such as manufacturing for encouragement, simply because it has worked well for China. India is different, and developing at a different time, and we should be agnostic about what will work," reports PTI.

According to a government data, only one among the 10 labors is skilled in his profession in India. Apart from setting objectives and policies for the programme there is an urgent need of training individuals in various professionals, then only the mission “Make In India” can be successful.   

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