These Big Brands Poised To Come Back Strong Next Year

BENGALURU: As the world says adieu to 2014, the year as always was a mixture of happiness, fun, sadness and growth of varied things. As 2015 is welcomed, people gear up for the new start. Business Insider has come up with a list of things, which are likely to make a come back in the new year and hope to rise. Let us have a look.


Since 1955, McDonald’s has been proudly serving the world some of its favorite and most eated fast-food. McDonals has been the proud food chain that managed to live in the hearts of foodie and experimental people.

From drive-thru restaurants to eatery joints across the globe, it’s been a quiet a happy journey for McD. Though 2014 saw McD getting involved in many controversies about the quality of food they serve and other issues it did tumble down the graph a bit.

In 2015 with new flavours being introduced and served, McD is ready for a proud comeback to win more hearts.

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