Limiting the rate of food waste at Industries

Limiting the rate of food waste at Industries

The electronically operated IBC heater containers are an efficient way of heating the food items at industrial levels. One of the best things about these IBC containers is that they can stay at the right temperature for a very long time because of the proper insulation of the heat jackets inside them. They work the best when an insulating top cover is used to stop any heat loss.

You can use the IBC heat containers to directly and quickly heat-sensitive items like sugars, chemicals, honey, and fats without burning them with an excessive amount of heat. The materials that need to be heated are placed inside the big container through the lid, and they're positioned towards the regulator of the tank.

Some materials become gluey when they are kept in the room temperature, which makes these materials very hard to discharge from the Intermediate Bulk Container or commonly known as an IBC. In particular, sugar, syrup, fats and other materials are hard to remove and usually cause waste of products because of their viscosity not being able to discharge from the container.

This can also result in a very costly procedure unless you preheat the IBC to make these materials less viscous and smoother. The IBC heating jacket (this jacket is used with the container to heat it) is the best solution when you are looking for something to effectively and quickly heat the materials and fluids, making them easier to discharge with very less waste product.

The IBC heater containers are produced with 1, 2, or 3 temperature regulators, all of the regulators are adjustable between a range from 0 to 90° Celsius, which makes the container very safe and fast to heat all kinds of liquids and to maintain the required viscosity for the materials that are in the container.


The IBC heat containers can be divided into two kinds, adjustable temperature type & constant temperature type.

1. Adjustable Temperature Containers

The adjustable temperature containers are built in a temperature probe, which transfers the temperature signal to relay in a temperature control box, and relay controls the connection of the circuit. The users can set up the temperature according to the conditions and environments of use. The usual range for temperature is between -35°C to 120°C, and for more or less temperature range, we can customize the temperature according to the client's needs.

2. Constant Temperature Containers

The constant temperature has one or more than one fixed temperature regulator in the electric blanket when the temperature of the container goes below the set temperature; the heating blanket begins heating automatically. And when the temperature reaches the temperature set by the user, it stops the power supply automatically.

You can also make use of IBC Container Heater or bulk container heater to decrease the food wastage. Because the temperature prevents the wastage as it is easy to discharge the materials due to the high temperature. These containers are being used widely all around the world because of their efficient usage. Many industries have started using these heat containers in their operations to decrease the wastage of materials.