Kids in Juvenile Homes Exposed to Drugs and Sexual Abuse

Bangalore: As the country is imploring and protesting for the justice system to make amends in juvenile law, it would be a shame not to know what goes around in the juvenile homes, which is meant for correction and reform of the delinquent. A 17 year old, who is back from a juvenile observation home in the capital has two of his front teeth missing after engaging in a fight with the inmates and still considers himself lucky, reported Atul Sethi for TNN.

The boy said, “Many boys have had their face disfigured by blades, or worse, stomach slashed by broken glass from window panes. You have to be on your guard all the time when you are inside. The older boys treat you like their slave. If you resist, they pour boiling water on you. Next come the slashings,” as reported by TNN.

It might all seem too stark as to what happens in the correctional facility. Even the life of the 17 year old is a grim tale of solitude and misfortune, an orphan, dropped out from school at 9 and started using drugs at 10, landed him in the correction center where it just became worse. 

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