Karnataka In Deep Slump, Conferred With Least Developed Status
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Karnataka In Deep Slump, Conferred With Least Developed Status

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 30 September 2013, 03:36 Hrs   |    9 Comments
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Bangalore: The categorization of Karnataka as a less developed state by Raghuram Rajan brought a state of shock and disappointment.

Karnataka has accompanied other states like West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, J&K and Tripura, reports The Times of India.

The ironic part of Karnataka is that, geographically it is surrounded by states that are relatively developed. Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra are included in this category.

Kris Gopalakrishnan, President of Confederation of Indian Industry, stated that Karnataka, except for Bangalore is still underdeveloped. He also said that it was mainly the Northern Karnataka that lacks behind when compared with the rest of the state.

Narendra Pani, the professor at the National Institute of Advanced Studies shares similar thoughts, saying that in the last six years Karnataka did not thoroughly utilize its strength in improving its economy.

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Reader's comments(9)
1: How are Kerala, TN and Goa ahead of Karnataka in terms of developments?
This is merely a paid report by Congis
Posted by:Ash - 08 Oct, 2013
I guess Kerala, TN, and Goa are ahead on overall state development and not on only one specific region...
sipiah Replied to: Ash - 14 Nov, 2013
3: This is heights of bull shit. There are pretty descent developments that has happened in Karnataka(of course except for north k'nataka). All people from different states of India are coming in thousands and hve started looting natural resource of the state. This is the main reason if at all people think that development has not happened. It has got nothing to do with any of political parties.. All we need to do that is to stop entertaining immigrants from other states(specially Tamil nadu and Andhra - these people are very cunning and dont care about our state). First they come politely and start mixing with local ppl and then slowly become so called leaders and enter politics(be it any party). Then they hv powers and start giving contracts to ppl from other states in civil development works. These contractors make poor quality things and fill up their pockets, slowly go back to their states and start comparing k'nataka with their state.
The person who has given this report is also a tamilian. I dont understand how TN is ahead compared to Karnataka. Its all pure racism...
Posted by:kannadiga - 30 Sep, 2013
You are the racist here on the website. You don't recognize the shortfall in your state and blame others for the poor performance of your state. Grow up and open your eyes you racist bigot
Raj Replied to: kannadiga - 30 Sep, 2013
Dont try to fool others.. Just look at the scenario in all the districts of karnataka which share its border with others.... and then speak...look at bellary(Just an example).. the mines are being looted.... who r those people who r doing this..? Where r they from..?
You idiot, i hope u are one person who belong to the group mentioned here..
Try to grow up and try to do something good for karnataka...... What u r telling abt my views r just hoax ..... i believe many ppl born & brought up in k.nataka know abt these and i hv just come on air to speak abt this... So if u r irritated, nobody cant help... U ll have to help yourself, and if you think u can, its good for you...
kannadiga Replied to: Raj - 30 Sep, 2013
6: Obviously, Karnataka will come under under develop category, as the BJP looted our state in every form. Now imagine Modi as PM, the country will be looted in every Form.
Posted by:Indian - 29 Sep, 2013
Non sense..Congress ruled the state for more than 50 years and country this has nothing to do with parties because of poor political vision and corruption..I would say Congress is responsible for the mess
Ravi Replied to: Indian - 30 Sep, 2013
Its true that Karnataka is deep shit due to Political instability and political dacoits.
Unfortunately Karnataka had no visionary leader in any party. Even after the majority govt in Karnataka by the Congress, we rarely heard of the developmental discussion in the political circle.
They blame each other party for chiller things, no one talks about the development
By Modi we should hope, he can penetrate the vision into the state leaders.
Halana Replied to: Indian - 30 Sep, 2013
Karnataka is rich in every aspect ok,karnataka never be poor and will remain strong so no doubt in it kannadigas are simply wonderful and very friendly ,bloody politicians looted the mineral wealth from all parties and they dont have ethics and is true in most of the states ,overall most of the politicians objective is to loot the country and even outsiders and so called owners of mining are looted the wealth and any way they are outsiders and eventhrough they born in kannada land and they shamelessly dont owe that they belongs to that mother hence whoever from any corner stay in that land shall respect the prevailing culture and to the land where they belong to that belongingness is lacking in India and some people have their own mindset and not all because of then perticular community get blamed and for politicians where ever they are and where ever they belong one siple ethics is totally absent in most of them in india and is very pathetic and dire situation we are facing in india.People shall awake and teach the lesson to the politician and to elect the visioniory leader who promptly whole heartedly support the overall development of the country as a whole
shivappa Replied to: Halana - 05 Oct, 2013