India's Tragedy: Old Politicians Never Retire
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India's Tragedy: Old Politicians Never Retire

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 27 June 2013, 13:06 Hrs   |    4 Comments
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Bangalore: India is a democratic country and is home to 1.21 billion people. It has more than 50 percent of its population comprising of citizens below the age of 25 years and more than 65 percent below the age of 35 years. The average age of Indians is 29 years.

Though the country follows democracy rules it sadly remains a gerontocracy (A country ruled by leaders who are most probably older than its adult population), as reported by Sunil Sethi for Business Standard.

The famous Greek Philosopher, Plato once stated, “It is for the elder man to rule and for the younger to submit”. And this seems to be true in case of our nation. The average age of most of the politicians in India is 65 years, which means there is an age difference of around 40 years between the cabinet and its average citizen.

So, there is only one profession in India where there is neither retirement nor expiry date for a person’s exit. It is the game of politics played by the politicians of this country.

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Reader's comments(4)
1: The most important reform would be to get politics to retire at 65 yrs . With this we could see an india which progresses rather than the guys who loot this place in the name of democracy.High time we wake up as most of us have lost faith in this country`s growth story.
Posted by:Tom - 04 Jul, 2013
2: Just wish they'd die a little earlier - another article is asking who is responsible for holding India back? There's your answer.

Politicians are so distanced from the realities of every day life that they really don't know what's important for the public because it's all about holding on - whether to power and title or to the bribe money they receive from yet another shell company set up by an infrastructure magnate to build roads that are going to be full of potholes by the second week of monsoon.

Others are more than happy simply to oppose *any* idea by certain other politicians just because they don't like them, not because the idea is actually bad, and with that, nothing gets done.
Posted by:Masa - 28 Jun, 2013
3: earlier we accepted that old loyal politicians and buerocrats ,judges, military chiefs etc may be put in raj bhavan and some commissions. Now the central cabinet and advisories have become new cow sheds for old and disabled loyals. average age above 70 years of the cabinet is a cause of national concern.
Posted by:n m khandelwal - 28 Jun, 2013
4: The youthfulness and wisdom resides inside the mind, not all over the our human body. So its not good to discriminate between old and young in any profession except in sports or surgery where physical strength is equally important
Posted by:LION - 27 Jun, 2013