Indian PM Spends a Whopping 642 Crore on Travel

Indian PM Spends a Whopping 642 Crore on Travel

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 25 June 2013, 13:46 Hrs   |    9 Comments
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Bangalore: Strong austerity measures are being taken up from time to time by the Central Government to deal with increasing inflation in the country. But on the other hand, a study of the travelling expenses of so many ministers shows that it does not correspond with the government’s measures of strictness. The Cabinet ministers, ministers of state and even Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime minister of India spent huge amounts on their domestic and overseas trips over the last few years.
This has raised questions by many sections of the society on the government’s policy to control expenditure and also inflation. Given here is the list of travelling expenditures incurred by the Ministers of India during the year 2004 to 2011, as reported by The Hindu.

Manmohan Singh-

The Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh’s foreign trip by means of air travel has hugely affected the government’s funds as he has spent a whopping amount of 642 crore in the previous nine years.

The information on PM’s official visits gives an insight about the overall 67 travels undertaken by Dr. Singh since 2004 when his tenure as PM started. The bills of his 62 visits were received whereas the other five still remain a mystery.  Among all the visits of the Prime minister, the highest expenditure of 26.94 crore was incurred from his weeklong visit to Mexico and Brazil in 2012 for attending the G20 Summit and Rio +20 Summit. There is also an expense of 22.70 crore used up for travelling to attend the Nuclear Security Summit, BRIC Summit and IBSA Summit at Washington DC, and Brazil in 2010. All theis information is disclosed by the PMO as part of obligations under the compulsory proactive revelation clause of the Right to Information Act.

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Reader's comments(9)
1: Whether our PM will go through all comments given below and respond properly so that public can better understand benefits made out of huge spending on his travels in the last 9 years?
Posted by:Paramasivan - 13 Jul, 2013
2: Politicians worldwide spend tens of millions on travel including travel withing the country and overseas. All the travel is said to be for the benefit of the country. The only problem is that there is no way of verifying the benefits derived from these travels.

Further the travels of most of the political leaders and senior civil servants may not be subject to questions and neither is there any report of the benefits of the travels or the number of officials who are included in the entourage. The only check might be that of the Auditor General who will scrutinize that the expenses are supported by documenttary evidence.

Of course the visits may be subject to abuse when the political leaders attend functions associated with their families,friends and other relatives and make sure they can be coincided with some official function which may be created. This is international culture and may be termed as legalized form of fraud.

Gursharan Singh
Posted by:Gursharan Singh - 30 Jun, 2013
3: it is disgusting to know all this expenses at the cost of common man's struggle for survival. What a shame to a country where millions go without food & shelter & basic need our so called PM has become a spendthrift of public money. Time to elect someone else better for the PM post. but then the opposition is busy in fighting among themselves, so 2014 no doubt will see the same spineless man as PM if proper care is not taken by our opposition parties.
Posted by:Rasmita - 26 Jun, 2013
4: When we have a ocean of people to know such crucial information,why it is just getting published in a pond... I think it's not the mistake of politicians too, but of media too...
Posted by:Pradeep N Patil - 26 Jun, 2013
5: Not surprising…. in a banana republic, where political dynasties are elected with huge majority, disasters become the backdrop of politics, corruption a way of life and bureaucratic unaccountability officially acknowledged.
Posted by:Raj - 26 Jun, 2013
6: Rs/642. Crores, spent on PM during 9 years 'Travel, what was the Net net Benefit from his Foreign Travel?' We have very Very EXPENSIVE PM? Do please Inform readers about the "Money spent by Ordinary Politician, during Foreign Travels" No Wonder Aam Aadmi has to SURVIVE at Rs 23/ per day, who Pays for VVIP's Foreign Travels?"
Posted by:Mohan - 26 Jun, 2013
7: Good!! Our leaders are holidaying with public funds. If they don't enjoy with the money looted from the exchequer, they are at least enjoying with the white public money. A good indicator for negative development.
Posted by:Sarat - 26 Jun, 2013
8: The bigger waste of Indian Tax payer's money is in electing this "Spineless" man as the PM and paying his salary for 10 years. He should have been a Professor of Economics in Delhi School of Economics etc. I won't be surprised if the Indian public elects him for a third term in 2014.The "Dynasty" rule will continue whatever happens because the opposition party is weak and busy with "Ego war". net result India is steadily growing in Population, Inflation, Price of essential commodities, Rapes, Corruption scams, Spiritual Guru scams, etc. etc. I observe Manmohan Singhji is more thick skinned than even Lalu Prasadji.
Posted by:Ravi S Iyer - 25 Jun, 2013
9: The leaders of our country are elected members elected by the people and to work for the people..But, the tragedy is that they forgot to work for the people but remember to lavishly swindled the money meant for mass development...It happens only in India!!!
Posted by:Achung - 25 Jun, 2013