India's Top Food Bloggers

India is renowned worldwide for its cuisine, so much so, that there are many fantastic Indian restaurants in the country and in every corner of the world, with chicken tikka masala even being considered as a staple dish of the UK. With exotic fruit and vegetables, and an incredible array of spices grown in many parts of India, specifically down south in places like Kerala, it's no wonder that the Indian cuisine is so unique when compared to the rest of the world's cuisines.

Part and parcel of having such a wonderful cuisine, is of course the local food bloggers and social media influencers. This is a worthwhile pursuit, as everyone, both nationally and internationally, is very interested in finding out new Indian recipes and where they can taste some delicious local food. Thankfully, getting started with building a website isn't hard, as anyone can do it, but so long as you're tech-savvy and have a good pallet, you could go from strength to strength as a food blogger in India. We've created a list of some of our favorite food bloggers that are guaranteed to get you inspired and experimenting in the kitchen:

Veg Recipes of India

India has always been a large vegetarian nation, long before vegetarianism really kicked off in Europe and the US. Traveling India as a vegetarian is an absolute dream. Dassana Amit's Veg Recipes of India includes a great deal of India's finest vegetarian recipes and the best part is that they are very manageable. From classics like dal and biryani to inventive cakes, sweets and snacks, there's no shortage of motivation for your next meal.

Nonchalant Gourmand

One of the best things about Nikhil Marchant's food blog is the photography and the website design. It is an absolute pleasure to read. Another excellent element is his selection of cocktail recipes: he experiments with alcohols like the famous German Schwarzwald Gin. The food recipes usually include flavors and ideas from Marchant's travels abroad.

Food Fashion Party

The woman behind this blog, Asha Shivakumar, has just had her cookbook published - which is also worth a look. She combines her recipes with food stories and it all makes for a very personal read. Highlights include her Indian style chicken nachos and the masala meatballs.

Shweta in the Kitchen

Another food blog known for its beautiful food photography is Schweta in the Kitchen. Her recipes include a selection of vegan dishes as well as some delicious egg-less baked goods that will keep you wanting more. Her chutneys, dips, snacks and curries are all to die for, and each includes the colors and aromas that Indian cuisine is known for worldwide.