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Indians Shopping for Brahmin Sperm?

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 21 May 2012, 10:24 Hrs   |    38 Comments
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Bangalore: It’s quite natural for childless couples shopping for sperm to demand both looks and brains. Dr Aniruddh Malpani, an infertility expert in Mumbai says he is often inundated with elitist requests from couples seeking sperm donors. But what’s downright unnatural and not well known, is a more outrageous request: caste-based sperm, as reported Mansi Choksi and Sharmila Ganesan Ram for TOI.

Dr Saurav Kumar, a Patna gynecologist, caused an outcry a few years ago when he told a newspaper that childless couples showed keen interest in knowing the caste of the sperm donor.  According to infertility experts, this is a phenomenon observed not only in states entrenched with caste biases such as Bihar, but also elsewhere. 

According to Dilip Patil, founding president of Trivector, an infertility solutions firm, there is a sure preference for Brahmin donors in Mumbai. He says, ‘’Even among Muslims, couples want to know whether the donor is Sunni or Shiite.’’ He further added that, ‘’However, going by Indian Council of Medical Research guidelines, we reveal only the religion of the donor, not the caste."

Although he dismisses caste-based requests by calling it a ‘byproduct of the Indian mindset’, Patil willingly obliges queries related to educational and professional backgrounds, extra-curricular preferences and linguistic skills.

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Reader's comments(38)
1: f***ng losers type here against the brahmin community. The truth is truth..Brahmins are way too brilliants than other caste people. Those guys who typed against, brahmins if they couldnt produce kids then their wives ask doctors to give Brahmins sperm for sure.You losers go to hell HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Posted by:Brillbrahmin - 31 Dec, 2012
2: its not based on caste. finally a child develops some genes from biological parent., so the worry of a good donor.

if i were to take, i prefer sperm of a brainy guy to a terrorist or a Maoist. Caste is secondary.

The title is of course misleading....please don't use the questionable titles.
Posted by:sadhna - 27 May, 2012
3: the tendency (in any manner) itelf is the outcome of the inner characteristics of particular genetiacal behaviour embeded in the sperm.....pl lets understand whatever reflects within ourself is because of our genetical characteristics very much in our blood/sperm/gene etc.....what...ever....reflects
Posted by:tapan - 27 May, 2012
4: I dont know why SILICONINDIA always encourages useless news?? Any boby agree??
Posted by:Idris - 27 May, 2012
yes today I unscribed SI
Suunil Replied to: Idris - 16 Nov, 2012
sandhya Replied to: Idris - 27 May, 2012
7: disgusting to the core
Posted by:Sravan - 27 May, 2012
8: there are many orphans in the country instead of making "sperm donor" famours, SILICONINDIA should try to market child adoption,that will be a noble job and people might stop hating siliconindia!!!!
Posted by:deep - 27 May, 2012
9: These kind of titles can instinct few more couples to think about such high caste donors...
Posted by:ram - 26 May, 2012
10: Hey I am Brahmin, I am proud my sperms are in demand.. Haaaahahah.. Now other should understand abt our importance.. plz let me knw if someone require my sperm,,
Posted by:Subramani - 26 May, 2012
i am mysorean we have got a treatments from expert doctors since 11 years,i request you to suggest to get an ivers and iyengars family sperms.even we are brahmins i like to have brahmins sperms
arun Replied to: Subramani - 14 Oct, 2013
ramesh Replied to: Subramani - 22 Sep, 2012
idiots! I cant believe these idiots cant change even in 21st century.
sravan Replied to: Subramani - 27 May, 2012
ur sis may want one. ur a shit
vicky Replied to: Subramani - 27 May, 2012
My sis also brahmin.. lolz.. let me know if ur sis want.. no cost..
sub Replied to: vicky - 27 May, 2012
16: Ridiculously misleading title to an article based on such a sensitive issue. Shame on the author! Is he a brahmin himself?
Posted by:Dr Rohan - 22 May, 2012
17: I see a bias in the article. If people from a variety of castes and religions were asking questions about the sperm donor, why is the article titled "Indians Shopping for Brahmin sperm"? This is a dangerous trend that will only spark more racial and communal discord.
Posted by:Karthik Krishnan - 22 May, 2012
18: quit posible for a MAN to have thousand kids..just like ancient India had it...history repeats itself.
Posted by:Chintamani - 22 May, 2012
19: in today's scandals world , any thing is possibble , to earn money / fame today people are trying to cheat in whatever way they find it hence there is no wrong in chosing a donor sperm for the couple, because they are going to suffer with the kid for their whole life ,better knowingly try to adopt a kid of one's choice and get hassle free life
Posted by:cheerful - 21 May, 2012
Sperms carry gens which are responsible for the Child future. People should admit it.
raghu Replied to: cheerful - 22 May, 2012
21: It is happening with everybody. each caste in each religion according to the above article. then why to put brahmanic tag for teh title just to grab the attention?
It is becoming fashion to everybody to put brahmanic tag for selling news.
Posted by:Manohar - 21 May, 2012
22: Best would be a Bihari Brahmin. Forget their english, they have the drive to excel and I have seen many going great places
Posted by:Manpreet Singh - 21 May, 2012
Bihari Brahmins excels in Delhi and NCR! They kills their masters when they are Chaukidars of elderly couple's flats.
kulawant Replied to: Manpreet Singh - 22 May, 2012
You are a dumb ass, and he/she would be fool like you
Biharibrahmin Replied to: Manpreet Singh - 22 May, 2012
25: first your title is misleading, you are telling a general story, then why to put brahmanic tag to it. to get hits? change your mindset also......
Posted by:Manohar - 21 May, 2012
You are 100% correct, these idiots don't have common sense :}
Corrector Replied to: Manohar - 22 May, 2012
27: What is going on today is not according to the upnishad and vedas but technology is so advanced that we will donate sperms for other persons good life or happiness so it is also a good deed
Posted by:Vinod Nainwal - 21 May, 2012
28: These acts or infertility solutions are against the humanity.. This should be stopped.
Posted by:asdfj - 21 May, 2012
29: Before, marriage was done with purpose of having ones own kid, now a days, a few are doing it to make other's kid!!! Upanishad said a kid is the extended life of the father, in that case I dont know what type of legacy these couples are going to pass to their next generation? I think maybe in the next generation people will directly go to a celebrity and ask him to mate with their partner and get a celebrity replica.. Our Rishi's had foresight. that is why in ancient Indian scriptures they said the instance of Choosing a celebrity kid.. In mahabartha veda vyasa became the father of dridharastra/pandava/Vidura.. So in the end we can say that this Mission is not impossible...lol
Posted by:rajesh nanoo - 21 May, 2012
30: Even, Western and European world, demand of Hindu Sperms are very high within Non-Hindu patients. Besides that Ayurveda - Yoga (as treatment) and Hindu Sperms are choice due to respect and trust in century old proven traditions, knowledge and wisdom.
- Dr. Rakesh Modi, Toronto, Canada
Posted by:rakeshmodi - 21 May, 2012
you can proceed for your mental treatment with Veda or Yoga!
john bosco Replied to: rakeshmodi - 22 May, 2012
Why outsourcing. Why not directly to 'source'? Many Brahmin Rishi, Muni, Saadhu, Sanyasi & Sanyasan with ample knowledge of Veda and Ayurveda may scout in the foothills of Himalaya.
saleem Replied to: rakeshmodi - 21 May, 2012
33: nothing wrong in choosing caste based sperm. modern society created an impression on castism that it is unfair and unethical. society hates caste system just because of hierarchy and discrimination. in current days no one does any discrimination. about hierarchy part, it exists every part of the world. take India itself. first citizen of the country is President & family. then Prime Minister then ministers. everyone in the society will be working UNDER them. what the heck these educated illiterates are talking about hierarchy(caste) system in India. just it depends on how we see and define. ministers use their assistants as slaves but just they dont call it. this is the real foolishness of the society. as part of the evolution human learnt everything as a group with similar people (in terms of views and mindset). so definitely caste based system is always a tool to learn things in diversified manner and should exist all the time. probably making modifications to meet the requirements of modern society. people who hate caste system how they convince themselves about caste based or religion based reservations. India is emerging with real sick people as always majorities opinion matters.
Posted by:pnrk - 21 May, 2012
34: I am sure people seeking 'brahmin sperm' are brahmins themselves. People are too proud of their own community to seek other community's gene.
Caste-based selection must not be encouraged.
Posted by:ruthika - 21 May, 2012
And y do you think its wrong to know the background of the donor ?
pank Replied to: ruthika - 21 May, 2012
it is a cafetaria approach, what they want they will take. and hence let them choose what they want. first of all we should know whether it is leagl or not. if it is leagaly permitted the donation of sperms, they they can take according to their choice . there is no harm in it.
sudheendra Replied to: pank - 21 May, 2012
Every person wants to comment or Write News items whether they are qualified or knowledgeable should be the criteria before any article or comments are placed in the media. I am not in favour of censuring but defenitely sceening data is must
Krishnaupas Replied to: sudheendra - 23 May, 2012
Dear Silicon, please stay away from such titled news fobia
hakeem Replied to: Krishnaupas - 27 May, 2012