IAF 'Women Air Warriors' Prove Their Mettle in Uttarakhand Rescue

Bangalore: In a male dominated society like the Indian society, women are always considered as mere member of the family whose task is to be confined only in the four corners of the house. But thanks to the development in various fields and the increase in number of educated Indians, that notion no longer exists in most parts of the country.

Today, one can come across women from all walks of life, be it teacher, educationist, doctor, journalist, entrepreneur and more.

In the most recent natural calamities that struck the temple town of Uttrakhand, women are not just the wailers or just the victims but have witnessed brave IAF women who by flying in their helicopters have rescued hundreds of stranded pilgrims to the safe destination, as reported by Rajat Pandit for TOI.

Khushboo Gupta is one such woman who risked her own life to carry out a mission of saving the lives of the stranded pilgrims. She is a Squadron leader and was commissioned into IAF six years ago.