How to Use a Shower Chair Safely

How to Use a Shower Chair Safely

Are you planning to buy a new shower chair for your loved one or you already have one but you do not know how to use it safely? For the physically challenged or the elderly, taking a shower might be a very worrying experience.

Due to the slippery surface of many bathrooms, it can be risky for these people to bathe without using these special chairs. However, shower chairs can cause serious injuries if they are not used correctly. Below are some of the safety precautions you should take when using these chairs to prevent accidents. You can look out some shower chairs for elderly people before reading below.

Preparing to take a shower

Before using the shower chair, you need to prepare the bathroom first. You should ensure that the floor is dry to prevent you or the person using the shower chair from slipping. After you have done that, place the bath towels, sponges, soaps body scrubbers, shampoos and other bathroom accessories in a reachable place. You should also keep the shower chair near the bath or shower.

Put the shower chair in a secure place

You will find that shower chairs come in different styles and designs. Most of the shower chairs are placed inside the shower. Irrespective of the design, ensure that you have placed the chair on a flat surface which is very secure. The shower chair should not wobble at all. If it has wheels, ensure that they are locked securely.

You can now try to move it around to confirm whether the rubber-tipped legs are stable. Finally, make any necessary adjustments such as the width of the armrest and the height of the seat.

Entering and getting out of the shower

The most dangerous part of showering for an elderly or a disabled person is getting in and out of the shower. If you are taking a shower on your own, you should move slowly and careful to the shower. It is advisable to use a transfer bench since it provides support when moving.

After you are done with showering, you should dry yourself off and then try to move to a warm and dry place. Again, you should not be in a hurry. The best way to use a shower chair safely is by doing things slowly. When moving out of the shower, dry your hands using a towel. This will give you a good grip when you are holding the handles and the handrails.

Use safety features

Most of the shower chairs comes with safety belts which prevents the user from falling. Depending on the physical condition of the person using the shower chair, you should ensure that it has some safety features when buying the chair. Some chairs come with features such as footrests, armrest, backrest and handles to boost the stability of the user.

After cleaning

When you are through with the cleaning process, you need to ensure that the chair is in good condition for the next shower. Therefore, clean the chair thoroughly after every use. You can rinse it in the shower and then wipe. Allow it to dry and then keep it in a safe place for the next use.

The Bottom Line

If you were not sure how to use a shower chair safely, it is my hope that this article has answered most of the questions you had about these chairs. These chairs are a must for people who are handicapped or the elderly. If you will consider all the things we have mentioned, you can be assured that you or your loved one will be able to take a shower without any problem. You should also ensure that the shower chair you are using is of high quality and it is very stable to prevent problems.

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