How is Helping India to Fight Coronavirus?

How is Helping India to Fight Coronavirus?, a conference call online service provider has removed all paywalls for its Indian users as a measure to fight the Coronavirus. This enables the users in India to access the full suite of video conferencing capabilities completely free of charge. The free video service and collaboration tools would allow the users in India to meet, work and stay connected even during this most challenging situation.

"At, we are taking the response to the Coronavirus outbreak very seriously and want to ensure users across India are able to minimize the impact it has on their daily lives. By eliminating paywalls for video and collaboration tools, more people across the country can access critical communications at no cost," says Dave Erickson, President, CEO & Founder,

The free service could aid businesses, students, communities and every individual who are worried about travelling. The unlimited international audio conferencing with local dial-ins for more than 75 markets. Alongside, the unlimited video conferencing is also free of cost with about 1,000 participants per conference and access to screen sharing as well as drawing tools.

Dave further states, "We believe that free communications services have a positive social impact. When we saw a surge in usage across our global footprint as Coronavirus spread, we looked at what we could do to help more people. Offering free video and collaboration tools in India is one way that we can contribute and use our technology and services to benefit businesses, communities, religious groups and a whole range of unique users."