Gender equality facts you should know

Gender equality facts you should know

Gender equality is an issue that affects not women alone. It should be a topic of concern to everyone. In recent years, we have seen more people join the fight against harsh inequality.

We are not just talking about inequality in the workplace. Everyone needs to receive the same treatment and opportunities regardless of their gender. Even men should as well stand up and push for equal rights for females.

This is the only way we can raise a generation where men respect women and treat them as their equals. Today, we are looking at interesting facts you will come across concerning gender equality or lack thereof.

1. Fewer female presidents

Out of 195 countries in the world, only 25 have female heads of state. Yes! We have brilliant female leaders who hold senior corporate positions, yet when it comes to governing a country, our trust in them fails.

Why? What makes women different when it comes to leadership as compared to men? It all boils down to the fact that some people still believe that men are a more decisive gender. Still, if 25 women have been able to run their countries successfully, we believe more women have what it takes to be great leaders.

2. Physical violence

Surprisingly, one out of three females has gone through physical or sexual violence. The UN provided a report indicated about 35% of women in the world had experienced violence. This is a great percentage to overlook.

Even 1% is one too many and here we are talking about 35%. It is time we treat gender equality with the seriousness it deserves.

3. Two-thirds of uneducated adults are females

Everyone has a right to education. Sadly, the number of uneducated adults in the world is about 781 million. That figure itself should show you how many people are missing good opportunities due to lack of formal training.

Out of that huge number, the majority are females. Clearly, women are at a great disadvantage when it comes to striking the same balance in formal training.

4. Women are less digitally empowered than men

Even in this age when technology runs every aspect of our lives, a great percentage of women in the world have very little or no access to the Internet.

Most of these cases take place in developing countries. If by any chance more women do get access to the Internet, then we might expect an increase in empowerment, income and training.

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5. Unpaid maternity leave

Unfortunately, not all countries have laws that charge companies to pay their employees when they go for maternity leave.


The few points we shared with you are some of many issues concerning the fight for equality. We all have a responsibility to make sure that every person receives the same treatment. It starts with you.

We live in a world where the right amount of effort can bring about great change in society. With programs that empower leadership development and equal pursuit of education, we will have successful companies and countries.

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