Game-changing royal wedding gowns

Game-changing royal wedding gowns

Romantics rejoiced at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. These two are deliriously in love and ridiculously beautiful and the entire day was an affair made for those who love pomp and circumstance and fashion.

While Meghan’s dress was a vision of clean simplicity, royal wedding dresses have been as varied as the women who’ve worn them. Royal wedding dresses are meant to make a grand statement. They speak to a woman’s aspirations, her familial ties, and her position in society. If she is marrying into royalty, like Kate, Diana, or Grace, then her dress is even more important.

For these women, their dresses marked their first appearance as official royals. After intense scrutinizing during their relationships and engagements, this is the moment when these women are allowed to regain some of their power by literally becoming royalty.

Here are some royal wedding dresses that were real game changers:

Queen Victoria’s wedding dress

When 20-year-old Victoria married Prince Albert, she did not realize that she would be changing the face of wedding fashion forever. This is because Queen Victoria was the first royal to wear white on her wedding day. She chose white because it highlighter the delicate and abundant lace she had made specifically for her dress, which would have been lost otherwise. Up until this point, it was common for women to wear, bright, colorful dresses on their wedding day.

Queen Elizabeth II's wedding dress

When Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Phillip, England was rebuilding from the war. The stunning dress--which featured 10,000 seed pearls a 13-foot train--was meant to symbolize the birth and regrowth of England after the war.

Since England was still under strict austerity measures, this may have been seen as decadence on the part of the young queen. However, Queen Elizabeth actually saved up her clothing ration coupons (with her the help of a 200-coupon supplement from the government), so that she could pay her dress herself.

Princess Diana's wedding dress

Princess Di's wedding dress will probably go down in history as one of the most iconic royal wedding dresses of all time. The dress dwarfed the petite princess, who was struggling with an eating disorder at the time, and she had to eventually be sewn into the dress. The dress had a bit of everything, from a solid gold horseshoe charm sewn into it, to lace that dated back to Queen Mary.

Kate Middleton's wedding dress

Kate Middleton's stunning wedding dress was a perfect complement to Middleton's spot on style. Kate had been influencing fashion bloggers, celebrities, and everyday women with her accessible, beautiful style, so it only made sense that it would extend to her wedding dress.

JJshouse designer, Jessica, credits Kate Middleton with bringing lace and long sleeves back into the wedding industry.

"After Kate and William's wedding, we definitely saw in uptick in requests for illusion lace, lace arms, and long-sleeved dresses that we hadn't seen in years.

Meghan Markle's wedding dress

Finally, Meghan's wedding dress. This minimalistic, boat-necked dress stunned people with its clean lines, luxurious material, and overall accessibility. Gone were the seed pearls, the gold, the diamonds, and the rare lace people expected from royal dresses. Instead, Meghan's wedding dress featured cream satin and was designed by Clare Waight Keller.

Game-changing royal wedding gowns

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