Eight Longest Living People In the World


BANGALORE: More than hundred people in the world lived until the age of 114 years but most of them died. The most amazing fact about these hundred oldest is that eight of them are still alive and all of them are females. Here is a list of eight living oldest people in the world.

Misao Okawa:

On 5th of March the world’s oldest lady Misao Okawa turned 116 years old. On 27 February 2013, Guinness World Record recognized this Japanese woman as the oldest living woman in the world. She has four grand children and six great grand children. In her life span, Misao has seen four emperors of Japan, 6UK monarchs and 20 U.S. presidents.

When Misao Okawa was 110, she began using the wheel chair. She says that her secret for long life is eating Susi and sleeping for eight hours at night. In Japan the average life of a woman is 85.9 years but Misao is exceptional. She is a member of an elite group, the Super centenarians. A person has to be 110 years old to be a member of this group.

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                  For long life, sleep well