Corruption Widespread in India, Says U.S. Report

The government designated chief vigilance officers to address public complaints and grievances in the banking, insurance, and other sectors serviced by private, public, and corporate bodies.

Parliament passed a bill in December establishing an ombudsman organization known as a Lokpal to investigate allegations of government corruption.

The State Department said many government-run programs to alleviate poverty and provide employment suffered from poor implementation and corruption.

For example, after obtaining government documents under the RTI Act, a petitioner alleged misappropriation of funds in the Maharashtra Tribal Development Department.

On June 13, the Bombay High Court ordered that a special team be formed to investigate an alleged fraud in which money meant for tribal welfare was used for other purposes, it said.

A case against several suspects, including Tiruvannamalai municipality councillor KVN Venkatesan – connected to the July 2012 killing of social activist Rajamohan Chandra, who had filed public-interest litigation cases against government officials, politicians, and realtors suspected of corruption and land grabbing – awaited trial at year's end.

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Source: PTI