Corruption, Infighting and Old Weapons: A Weakened Indian Army

Corruption, Infighting and Old Weapons: A Weakened Indian Army

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 29 March 2012, 11:51 Hrs   |    25 Comments
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Bangalore: A series of corruption scandals, severe infighting at the top order, weapons that date back to the Second World War; suddenly India’s defense establishment seems to be a house of cards for a common man, so fragile that it can collapse anytime. At least, that is what the Army chief’s recent exposures reflect.

Accepting that there are gaps in the capability of the armed forces, the Defence Ministry said that it will take cognizance of the concerns expressed by Army chief General VK Singh and will address those issues.

Defense Minister AK Antony said that India needs substantial step up in allocation for modernisation of defence forces. Commenting on the leaked letter, he said, “We will take strongest action under laws after going into the root of the leak of Army chief's letter to the Prime Minister."

Talking to reporters, the Minister of State for Defence MM Pallam Raju said the acquisition policy is also being changed to ensure faster procurement of the needs expressed by the forces. “Definitely gaps are there and government is serious in addressing them as quickly as possible. We are fine tuning the acquisition process to speed up the process and government has been very responsive to the needs of the armed forces,” he said.

On the controversial letter written by the Army chief to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressing concern over the state of preparedness of the Army and availability of ammunition, the minister said the government will take cognizance of it. “Whatever (Gen. Singh) has written, we will definitely take into cognizance and we will act on it,” he said.

“There are gaps in the capability and we are trying to bridge them by speeding up the acquisition process and by making it transparent, because in the past it has resulted in the cancellation of tenders,” he said.

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Reader's comments(25)
1: I'm surprised everybody says "glorious defense force". These guys are from the same land that produces kalmadi and company, only difference is they get the cloak of "secrecy" to keep away public eye and media. You have no idea how corrupt the armed forces are. Ask the contractors who deal with these people. Please do not lecture me on their Integrity........I know them better.
Posted by:idoncare - 31 Mar, 2012
You are right idoncare. Under the name of patriotism runs a corrupt military system. This is not just in India. This happens in all the countries.
Many deals get passed through commission only.
Any secret organisation runs on the principle of human moral character. And we know that currently very few amongst us would be morally good enough.
general Replied to: idoncare - 03 Apr, 2012
3: The Armed Forces have been sacrificed at the altar of the stupid bureaucrats and politicans. As a Doctor, I know that even the equipment for our hospitals is substandard!! And manpower deficiency is chronic!!
Posted by:R Duraiswami - 30 Mar, 2012
4: The pigs are not sparing even the defence budget from their 'hand'
Posted by:nisha - 30 Mar, 2012
Dear All,
As far as defense matter of our country is concerned we are better than pakistan but lag behind china.Atleast We need to be on a level where chinese would not feel comfortable in attacking us.

Generally there are many letters sent to and fro from army to defence ministry.
The letter was internal matter and was not supposed to be made public.
All the countries normally tell lies publicly inorder that other countries don't get true picture.
So if we say we have 6 nuclear missiles that may mean 3 or 6 or 10 or more. This is a usual practice among all the countries including india
On the outset we seem to trust each other but inside we keep playing with secrets.

Whatever the letter states is a way by which army chief keeps the govt on alert. It is a common practice and is not generally stated in actuality.97 percent airplanes are obsolete may or may not actually mean it. What that means is that our enemies are upgrading their fighters so we need to start doing it urgently.
Such letters were usually written by many chiefs.But we dont know bcoz they were not leaked. It is a big deal for army and govt but not for citizens.
Army has all the weapons to fight and protect people of this country.
Retd Officer Replied to: nisha - 03 Apr, 2012
Hello Mr who told you you are better then pakistan.a big state like India compare to little state like pakistan and you are thinking you are better then pakistan.In pakistani army there is no corruption at all,corruption is part of Indian army,that's why Indian army is not up to the standard.
jay Replied to: Retd Officer - 02 Nov, 2012
7: Gen.V.K.Singh deserves accolades for the undaunted step taken by him to expose corruption in the Defense forces.Let us wish him well. Hopefully other senior officers in the government take inspiration from him and expose corruption at high level.
Posted by:Piyush - 30 Mar, 2012
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Posted by:webusfn - 30 Mar, 2012
9: still I am sure that we are the best customer ranking number one in the world to buy weapons from other countries .let us think what is the possible way to end this arms race.Y don't we think the flip side of this of news may rise pressure on our leaders to buy more weapons in such way that we give business to others
Posted by:ravikiran - 30 Mar, 2012
10: Oh really Mr V.K Singh!!! Why did not you disclose this fact earlier? Now you are at a verge to get retired and pressurising the upcoming general (Lt Gen Bikram Singh). You should have taken this step earlier sir. Still its not late and thanks for disclosing the handicapped army. Hope our corrupt politicians will consider national security seriously.
Posted by:Aman Rana - 30 Mar, 2012
Aman Rana the pig
nisha Replied to: Aman Rana - 30 Mar, 2012
12: Its a huge blunder with Indian Nation that Serving General announced we don' t have arms and also high rank officials and defence minister is escaping from the issue. It will morralized Pakistan. China against India.
There is an other view may some International Arms sellers (USA, Israel etc) paid to some one to rise this issue to sell thier products. Any way its sensetive issue and must be inquired by high level judicial commecion.
Posted by:M Umar - 29 Mar, 2012
It is a trick to tempt Pakistan to attack and then now entire world is against them, finish them for good
nisha Replied to: M Umar - 30 Mar, 2012
14: This issues is not new, The foundation of this whole gamut of corrupt army was laid our honorable PM Nehru,Who had promoted Gen. B.M Kaul to COC. He was one of the Pioneers of the corrupt brigade of Army officers. A big cause of India's debacle in 1962, he was not at all a decorated soldier and was a first of the ranks to drink soap water to catch dysentry in order to get holidays.
Now Over the level of brigadier all promotions are politicised. Army people are treated like leftovers of society.
Clerks are ruling the roost, while soldier dies.
India needs modern army to defend against the designs of CHINA
Posted by:Harpreet - 29 Mar, 2012
15: If what General VK singh has demanded are accepted then India cannot spend anything on any other whether it is home,education,health,energy etc.Then why this General is sending a letter after presiding over it for 3 long years?Is he not responsible in the first place?All ammunitions become obsolete as per suppliers just like Medicines but they do not actually become obsolete are un usable. Infact they are routinely used in training exercises and every Army man knows it.The corruption in Defence can be solved easily when India decides to abandon imports and use only old,obsolete equipment made in India s we are not going to fight America. Our neighbours Chinese and pakistanies depend on self reliance and our own sukhoi can easily match any fighter they have. and also our T90 tanks. Our Brahmos can matrch any missile they have. India must just concentrate on indegenous technology.
Posted by:captainjohann - 29 Mar, 2012
Dear Captain
Have you ever been to China. Oh, we are not talking about Pakistan, they have the same roots as ours so Pakistan is as corrupt as India. But for China, you need to visit and see if we can match them in next 10 years. Dreams are good but excessive is bad. I do not know where we stand today, but for shure I have seen SAM's ditching in to sea when engaged with SSM, the 2nd SAM also ditches and 3rd also ditches and finally being engaged with 30MM, which twinkles like star. But then those were all russians of Soviet era and belonged to 80's technology. I am sure things have little improved under our corrupt leaders and PSU bosses. We still have time, The sooner we change the better it is for all of us and for our next generation
Tapan Replied to: captainjohann - 30 Mar, 2012
Dear Captain, I am not sure which part of Army you served. Your knowledge speaks for itself. Nothing you have named is OUR OWN. Sukhois are Russian, T-90 MBT is Russian,Brahmos is also Russian design slightly tweaked by esteemed DRDO. See the whole point is that with support from OUR OWN Ministry of Defence Babus,DRDO, and Defence PSUs like Ordnance Factories, BDL, HAL, BEML, etc, we donot need any external threats. They themselves are sufficient to eat up this country from within.
P Chakravorty Replied to: captainjohann - 30 Mar, 2012
18: Oh my God are they trying to publsh this article to make more purchase for Army and make more money under table. Corruption has gone to very high extent and it seems India is already the largest purchaser so how much money they would have swindled now in the name of Army which does not need is trying to swindle more Our enemy is within the country itself first supply AK 47 to politicians then the problem in this country would be solved.
Posted by:Dennis - 29 Mar, 2012
19: ENEMY WITHIN . . . .A series of corruption scandals, severe infighting at the top order AND INEFFICIENCY TOO.
Posted by:David Mathi Raj - 29 Mar, 2012
20: It is indeed very sad that our Armed Forces, especially the Army- one of best fighting forces in the world, have been inflicted with civilian diseases like corruption, nepotism, conspiracies and infighting. It has surely been weakened, much to the glee of China and Pak. While Generals are busy in settling scores, politicians have, as expected, made the scenario murkier. Hope better sense will prevail to all and stern action will be taken against the culprits, how high and mighty he/she may be.
Posted by:syed - 29 Mar, 2012
21: The GENERAL shud be taken seriously even though
he decided to come up openly at the fag end of
his career

The white ants ( all the political parties are
are hands in gloves to loot this country)& even
good generals and judges are being drawn in too
earn this loot so that their mouth is shut

This country has the worst PRESIDENT & PRIME MINISTER
in the history of India and only wish the Hand of God
works and eliminates them

MM SINGH right place is in MADAM TUSSUAD gallery but
even there is Armpits will stink

People are feeling helpless & their patience is being
tested & i hope our present politicians meet the same
fate as GADDAFI !!!
Posted by:andee - 29 Mar, 2012
22: Manmohan Singh better wake up soon before the greedy chinese run over Kashmir. Please note the number of chinese leaders visiting India. This sounds fishy. The same they did a long time ago and the next thing we lost a portion of Kashmir. Wake up!!!
Posted by:Murugappan - 29 Mar, 2012
23: Nehru exploited the racial inequality and started corruption in India by inventing caste based politics and License Raj, his daughter Indra Gandhi commercialized it by allowing any one with a bag full of money to enter PMO even past midnight to negotiate for a license or a ministerial berth or Chief Minister-ship or Governorship or Rajya Sabha berth or Chairmanship of Public enterprises or Boards and her son Rajiv Gandhi legalized it by saying in the Parliament that corruption is a world phenomena despite having over 400 Donkeys/MP’s under his command. He also has the insanity to make a public statement despite massive support in Parliament that “whenever I try to change things I find my hands tied to my back.” The final nail in the coffin was put by Rajiv’s widow Sonia Gandhi with dubious character and credentials who institutionalized corruption and racism in India by bringing the expertise of Zionist & Pro Zionist to accelerate corruption and ethnic divide in India in 1991 by entering into a secret pact with them.

It may be a coincident after the entry of Zionist, expert in institutionalizing state sponsored corruption, racism and terrorism as well as inventors of terrorism; Indians saw the demolition of Ram Janam Bhumi-Babri Masjid disputed structure in 1992. Since then ethnic violence and terrorist attacks have become part of daily life for Indians. Now there is more regionalism and Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian divide then pre 1991 era. Since 1991 Sonia Gandhi is the defecto PM rather Uncrowned Queen of India even during BJP regime she was treated like Queen of India; all foreign dignitaries must pay respect to her by adding 10 Janpath in their itineraries as first stop to pay their obeisance.

India has become another Israel where economy is under the control of a handful of families who, like medieval robber barons, rob public assets, utilities and national resources, all with the help of corrupt officials, Politicians and media. Major criminal investigations and corruption cases against the Elite Club of Wealthy, Bureaucrats, Politicians, Top Military Brass and Media owners are frozen by a lack of will by those who are governing India for being part of this Elite Club. That is the reason Dr. Manmohan Singh as Reserve Bank Governor was never investigated for his role of midwife in giving birth to the Securities Scandal by Harshad Mehta. Rather he was rewarded with plum post rose to become Finance Minister and now he is the Prime Minister of India.

When the Political, Religious, Business & Media leaders of India have corrupted, criminalized and politicized it’s 1.13-million strong Defense forces to the core of its heart with scandals of indiscipline, corruption, financial frauds and land scams; what can be said of other departments of Government at all levels?

Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Sushil Kumar, Atal Bihari Bajpai (BJP)’s Defense Minister George Fernandez, his Samata Party’s Jaya Jaitley & R K Jain, Businessmen Suresh Nanda (son of Admiral Nanda) & his son Sanjeev were never prosecuted for receiving Rs. 400 crore kick back in Rs 1150 crore Brack Missiles purchased from Israel.These missiles were purchased against the objections of APJ Abdul Kalam, who was the scientific advisor to the Defense Minister. This scandal was never investigated by even Sonia-Manmohan’s Congress Government rather their Defense Minister Parnab Mukherjee justified the purchase in Parliament by saying DRDO project Prithvi/Trishul was a technology demonstrator as it did not meet some critical parameters. Two hundred scientists, Rs. 400 crores and 21 years later; Trishul remains a Technology Demonstrator!

Country was recently unmoved with the Court Martial proceedings for serving Generals Avadesh Prakash & R K Rath and disciplinary actions against Generals P C Sen and Ramesh Halgali for their alleged involvement in financial irregularities and land scams. A tainted General Deepak Kapoor can be made Chief of the Army who can try to put a lid on scams by tainted Generals under him, can get a Flat meant for Kargil war veterans along with Navy Chief Admiral; Madhavendra Singh & Gen. N C Vij and above all 3-4 months before his retirement can sign a $2.3 billion deal for tainted Barack missiles in Nov. 2009 for delivery in 2017; one can imagine the level of corruption in non defense departments under Central, State & Local government control in India.

An honest Lt Gen H S Penang who initiated an investigation in Tent procurement scam which took place in 2005 when Deepak Kapoor was GOC-in-Chief of Northern Command, Gen Kapoor as the Army chief rather than taking administrative leave till enquiry is over or resigning on moral grounds shifted Penang to the central command without any protest from any quarter. Panag appraised Defense Minister A K Antony about the corruption charges, but no action was taken by the defense ministry.

For the corruption, criminalization and politicization of Defense Forces and crippling the India ’s Defense Research program Politicians from all major Parties, Business houses and Media is responsible. With the help of top Defense brass and bureaucrats they killed the indigenous Prithvi/Trishul Missile programme for kick backs from Zionist. They have ignored the known fact that Israelis have made China a very serious threat to India by selling them advanced Satellite & Missiles technology after stealing it from America . For India they have substandard military hardware but no technology at highly inflated prices with over 40% kick back for Indian politicians in Congress, BJP & Anil Ambani’s Samajwadi Party as well as top Military brass, bureaucrats and businessmen. Israel has sold armaments worth more than $8 billion in less than 10 years to India and according to Israeli’s in next 5-8 years this figure is going to cross $30 billion.

The corruption, criminalization, politicization, indiscipline and abuse of authority has reached such an abysmal state in Indian Armed Forces that the proponents of “India Shining or Mighty India” are seeing their dreams of becoming a Major World Power shattered by the very custodians of their power “Army” because of its greed, voracious appetite for moral and ethical depravation. This itself raises doubts about the very existence of India as one nation for its 1.2 bil residents that also comprises world’s largest population of 830 mil poor. To make matters worse there is wide spread lack of Indian Identity that supersedes caste, ethnicity, religion and region, which can unify all its citizens as equal members of a shared Nation with a shared destiny reached through common goals. The multi-fractured nature of Indian society goes beyond the healthy human disagreement and debate inherent to a healthy democracy, instead prompting the question whether India’s 1.2 billion citizens; Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain and Christian further sub-divided into more factions are actually want to be “Indians’.

India is in the top ten nations with the widest socio-economic gap and corruption at all levels of governance including Armed forces. It is an economically, socially, morally and politically failed state for majority of its 1.2 billion citizens; who can not solve its socio-economic, religious and political problems including its Land dispute with Pakistan since 1948 over Kashmir. Lack of Indian identity, acute poverty among over 80% of its citizens, rampant corruption at every level of governance including Armed Forces, regionalism and religious fanaticism is tearing the country apart and it is a matter of time only that it will break into tiny countries like Soviet Union.
Posted by:dave makkar - 29 Mar, 2012
I really appreciate the good indepth analysis of Dave Makkar.But these serialised crime of army higher officials is most paining ,because we are having a great sense of security because of Indian Army. We that are to be more clean. Otherwise, these fear of frontier wars, enemy at your gate will cause serious loss of social confidence.
I do know what two lobbies are playing to enhance the defence budget, which is comparatively high to an economy like ours. Poor people PDS hurt the government and not the huge budget in the name imaginary wars and threats . Often this arms lobby talks about war threat from PAKISTAN and CHINA. Insist the government to go for Israeli war heads
French or UK flights. Now, Chief of the Staff has done his damage as a revenge and this external threat phobia he will definitely create once he undresses his uniform.
KRISHNA Replied to: dave makkar - 30 Mar, 2012
25: Govt. of India doesn't pay enough for these servicemen in India's defense but that doesn't make anyone in defense to go and start taking becoming corrupt and also risking national security. What a shame that even people in armed forces cannot be trusted anymore. God knows since when these things have been happening, they just surfaced up now.
Posted by:Praveen - 29 Mar, 2012