A Welcome Change: 7 Women MPs in Modi's Council of Ministers

BANGALORE: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indeed given a big thumb up to female leaders in his administration and thus kept his promise of women empowerment. While women may account just 11 per cent of all Lower House members, they have indeed fared better when it came to representation in the Cabinet—a welcome change from the previous governments. Taking this occasion, let us have a look at the 7 women Cabinet Ministers in the newly formed government, as listed by Yahoo.

Sushma Swaraj:  A seasoned politician Sushma Swaraj became India’s first woman External Affairs Minister. Apart from having the distinction of becoming the youngest cabinet minister in Haryana government at the age of 25, Swaraj has also many other firsts, such as being the first woman Chief Minister of Delhi and woman spokesperson for any political party in the country. Besides MEA, She has also been given the charge of Overseas Indian Affairs.

Swaraj is assuming the charge of the Foreign Ministry, one of the senior-most offices in the Union Cabinet, at a time when India’s growing international influence gives it a prominent voice in global affairs even as issues in the region keep the largest democracy busy. A law graduate who practiced in the Supreme Court, Swaraj has been elected seven times as a Member of Parliament and three times as a Member of the Legislative Assembly.

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