9 Incredible Facts about Automotive Robots

Automotive robots increase the production success of the car manufacturing industry. The collaborative robot arm from the Universal Robots adds value to all the stages of production in the automotive and aerospace industry. The automotive robots promote safety and peed up production, thus minimizing the production cost. In addition to that, the automotive robots are consistent and are perfect, accordingly deliver quality.

The following are incredible facts about automotive robots:

1. Weight

The robot arms from the Universal Robots are light in weight. The lightweight makes it easy to carry them around to where they are needed.

2. Size

The robots are small in form size. The small size makes the robot arms space-saving. The robots can be used in small companies that have limited spaces.

3. Multitasks

Automotive robots can be used to perform various tasks. The collaborative automotive robots are ideal in multitasking. The same robot can be used for screwing, welding, and painting among many responsibilities. Automotive robots can also be used for quality control and assurance.

4. Precision

Unlike a human employee, automotive robots do their work precisely. The robots are always programmed for a precise motion; thus, they rarely make mistakes. The robots produce perfect products which are of high quality. The automotive robots don't mishandle or drop parts, and therefore they do not cause damage. The end product is of high quality which leaves the customers satisfied.

5. Integration

The automotive robot arms can be easily integrated into any environment. The robots can work in dangerous situations with precision. The robots can be used in environments where heavy machinery is used and can work under high temperatures. The robots have vision systems which enable them to detect inconsistency in incoming materials. The automotive robots use their intelligence to adapt to the variations.

6. Consistency

Automotive robots are consistent in their work. Unlike human beings, robots never get tired. The robots perform the same task over and over without getting distracted. The repeated actions result in perfection.

7. Cost-Effective

Automotive robots perform their jobs in the shortest time possible. The robots do not require tea breaks neither do they ask for leaves. The robots never get tired, and therefore they can work throughout the day. A single robot can be used to perform various tasks which could have been done by several people. Robots are not on the payroll. The automotive industries that use robots are known to cut the cost of production by half.

8. Time-Saving

The production lines in the car manufacturing industry may cause production delays. Automotive robots are known to clear the obstructions. The robots are never fatigued, and therefore they work round the clock. The cycle times of the automotive robots are constant throughout the day. It is consequently effortless for a company to estimate the actual time a particular production will take. Production lines attended by the robots take more definite time compared to the manually visited lines.

9. Safety

Automotive robots are safe in their use. The robots do not pose any risk to the employee. Most of the jobs in car manufacturing industries are dangerous. The robots can be used to perform hazardous duties, thus reducing human risks. The robots can be used to perform risk task like pouring of molten metal and lifting of heavy parts. The robots can do the painting and welding, which exposes the workers to dangerous fumes.


Many people still think that automotive robots will replace human labour. However, many car manufacturing industries have already embraced robotic technology. Use of automotive robots in car production has numerous advantages.

The robots not only bring high returns to the company but also enhance the safety of the workers—automotive robots mare dedicated to their work. The robots are consistent, perfect and precise. The automotive robots never tire, Athey never disappoint.