83 Pct Indians Support Religious Freedom: Survey

BANGALORE: India is a country which is known for its diverse culture, thus religious freedom is a fundamental right according to the constitution of the country. Over the years religious disputes and bridging gender gaps have been hot topics in the Indian media.  According to a U.S. based Pew research it is been proved that about 83 percent Indians believe in religious freedom, reports Times of India.

The Pew was carried out in 38 countries and interviewed 40,786 people during the period of 5th April 2015 to 21st May 2015. The report showed countries batting for religious freedom but Indians seem to have come out at a higher percentage with saying that it is very important to have the freedom to practice their faith. When compared to India the global median is at a lower rate of 74 percent.

The survey had also carried questions on gender equality and found there is strong support for gender equality in India. When the global median of 65 percent said that it is important that women have same rights as men 71 percent Indians seems to agree to the fact. But in almost 24 nations the number of women who voted for the cause outnumbered the number of men who agreed with.

Talking about the political situations in the countries the global median of 78 percent stated that the media should be capable of covering major events and spreading information whereas 74 percent Indians agreed to this. The survey also found some interesting facts about internet freedom. Although India has emerged as the number one user of smartphones only 38 percent opted for internet freedom where global median of 50 percent said it is very important to use uncensored internet. 

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