75 Percent IITians Choose to Pursue Passion over Studies

Bangalore: The pursuit of happiness is driven by unbridled passion. It’s an essential factor to tread the road set by the brave scholar, as the treasures of life lies is in the experience of the journey than on the set destination. When the theory is applied to the most ardent scholars in the country the picture contradicts the fact. The students who make it to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) undergo a great deal of hardship preparing to excel. They seem to be so struck out by the hard work that they find the world outside more appealing then the secured seat in the prestigious engineering college. As per a survey conducted by the IIT-B’s student body it was found that about 75 percent of the students are not interested in spending any time on the academic excellence but pursuing their hobbies, reported Yogita Rao for TNN.

It was also noted in the survey that 75 percent of the students did not submit the assignments without a deadline set on it. The reasons for such frivolous behavior, as concluded by the survey is the newly found passion, like that of photography, or spending time glued to the social networking and micro-blogging sites instead of working on the course solving problems or assignments given by professors. Adding to the disinterest is 70 percent of the students say that the hostel infrastructure is so pitiful that it’s hard for them to concentrate on studies.

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