7 startups witnessing the growth even during the economic collapse

7 startups witnessing the growth even during the economic collapse

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a lot of changes in our everyday lives. Many parts of the world have imposed strict lockdowns to curb the virus’ spread.

As successful as these lockdowns have been in reducing the number of people infected, they have also taken a huge toll on businesses and have brought economies across the globe to a standstill.

Amidst fears of an unprecedented global recession in the near future, there is a ray of hope as several startups have managed to stay on the path of growth even during this tumultuous time:

Paytm First Games

With a large chunk of the population staying at home due to the imposition of a lockdown, people have taken to online multiplayer games to pass their time. Paytm First Games has managed to cash in on this opportunity as it registered over 5 million new app downloads since the lockdown began.

Ludo and Rummy turned out to be the most popular ones among its users as the company claims that the playtime of these games increased by about 4 times. Paytm First Games has received massive income as it got more advertisements to display to its users.


Khabri is an audio platform that provides audio content in several languages. Khabri has been growing in popularity since its inception. With the lockdown, however, it witnessed tremendous growth in new users as well as an increased listening time in existing listeners.

The ‘news’ category is the one that witnessed the maximum increase in listenership of about 77%. Besides that, all other categories have seen listening time increase to 22 minutes which is more than the pre-lockdown figures of 18 minutes.


Trell is another brand that saw a huge increase in the number of new users on its platform. The company, through user-generated content, enables lifestyle discovery for its users. It has been quite popular in India as it offers its content in several of the regional languages of the country.

Since the lockdown began, Trell has reported over 15 million downloads of its mobile app. The company, which was already on the rise before the lockdown, with a 20 times growth in the previous year, has managed to acquire a lot of new active content creators and viewers on its platform.

MultiLiving Technologies

The reason why many organizations have suffered during this lockdown is that they weren't able to maintain productivity with the work-from-home norms. With MultiLiving Technologies, however, these norms were of little concern as they already had tools that could facilitate work-from-home in place.

In fact, according to the company, it has seen an increase in productivity. The platform also reported an increase of about 500% in their homeowner customer base during the months of lockdown.

Techno Companion

Techno Companion is one of the few firms that has managed to avoid making any pay-cuts for their employees. Where many competitors seem to have lost a number of projects and clients, Techno Companion has retained all of its existing clients. In fact, they are now getting even more projects which have led the startup to look for recruiting new employees with specialized skills in ML and AI.


Rooter is a platform for people interested in sports. It allows sports fans to engage and interact by taking part in live discussions and quizzes among other things. The lockdown meant that there were no live matches taking place anywhere in the world. This led to an increase in the platform’s users as people were looking to interact with other sports fans to talk about previous sporting events.

Rooter also introduced a new live streaming feature for mobile games which increased its downloads and users.


Since most brick and mortar drug stores were asked to stop operations amidst the lockdown, the online pharmacies like PharmEasy appeared as the angel in disguise for the people locked in their homes. Not only did they provide doorstep delivery of drugs but also ramped up remote healthcare that led to the multiplication of the visitors on their website.

CloudConnect Communications

As people were forced to get accustomed to work-from-home norms in the wake of the lockdown, CloudConnect Communications witnessed a massive growth in its user base. It’s a cloud-based end-to-end digital communication service that aims to digitize small and medium businesses of the country.

After the lockdown, CloudConnect Communications saw a 100% growth as businesses looked for solutions to keep functioning during the lockdown.

All of these startups have managed to acquire new users and customers in the wake of this economic collapse and are showing positive growth signs for the coming years.