6 Indian Feminists Who Fought Against The Odds


BANGALORE: In a male dominant society, fighting for equality and freedom for women comes with a lot of challenges. From the customs like ‘Sati’ and child marriages the country has grown widely as a result of various protests. The constitution offers equal rights to men and women in the country still the inequalities remains in the mindsets of a lot of people. Let us take a look at nine such women who are the top most feminists in the country as listed by Scoop whoop.


Indira Jaising

Indira Jaising is one of the foremost feminist activist and lawyer. She completed her post graduation in law in 1962 and started ‘Lawyers collective’ in 1981 along with her husband Anand Grover. The NGO is devoted to feminist and left-wing causes. She has argued several cases relating to discrimination against women, including Mary Roy's case, which led to the grant of equal inheritance rights for Syrian Christian women in Kerala.

 Case of Githa Hariharan in which the Supreme Court in a Bench presided over by Chief Justice A.S. Anand held that under Hindu law, the mother was also the "natural guardian" of her minor children, so that the children could also bear the name of the mother. She has also represented the victims of the Bhopal tragedy. Indira Jaising has forced the law to be altered at several times best example is the Domestic violence act in 2005.

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