5 ways to live the life you desire

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 18 June 2018, 10:11 Hrs
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Many things make all of us distinctly unique from one another. Butat the end of the day, many of us want the same thing: ‘to live a happy life’.

Do you also feel like you are sleep-walking through life? What you need is, a little more freedom, a little more time and a little more love. Well if you want to experience a life full of joy and passion you first need to break free from that autopilot cycle in your life.There are countless simple ways to live thelifeyou desireand achieve your goals. Following are the five ways mentioned below:

1. Book that relaxing vacation

5 ways to live the life you desire

Have you always created excuses for not taking a family vacation? Was there too much work to be completed or there wasn't enough money?If you have started to feel mentally and physically exhausted from the everyday routine, you must come to the realisation that you need to get away from it all. Take a much-needed vacation with your family or friends. Your vacation time will berejuvenating, and you will return stress-free.And get this- the act alone of planning avacation can actually make you happier.

2. Make a conscious choice every day, do something you always wanted to do

5 ways to live the life you desire

Whip out a pen and a piece of paper and write down things you want to do but were too busy or too scared to start.

For example:

  • Joining a gym

  • Learning photography

  • Learning to bake a cake

  • Travelling outside the country

  • Learning how to Salsa

  • Reaching out to that friend you haven’t talked to in ages

Once you have your list, commit to doing each of these items over the next few days or as per your schedule. Once you are done, come back, check in, and get more done in the next month than you did in the first. If you write down your goals and work towards them every day, you can live a purposeful life.

3. Focus on making work-life balance a reality

5 ways to live the life you desire

When you are old, do you want to look back and say, “I spent nearly all of my time at the office?” If that’s your thing, then do it. However, if you are someone who wishes to balance work with personal life, get yourself started on that pathway now.

Take out time for your family and friends. They will be thrilled that you are making them a priority, too. You can simply surprise your family with a quick weekend getaway or by cooking for them once in a while or by ditching your phone and be personally present at your friend’s doorstep to wish him on his birthday. These small acts of joy will surely make a huge difference.

4. Be good to your body and mind

5 ways to live the life you desire

Try to do all the things you have always been told are great for your body. So, get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise regularly. Having healthy habits can benefit you in many ways, including boosting your energy levels, improving your mood, and preventing potential diseases.

At the same time, cut back your worries, you don’t need them. Don’t let unnecessary and excessive worries consume you all the time. Take a deep breath and allow your mind to be worry-free whenever possible.

5. Make efforts towards buying your dream house

5 ways to live the life you desire

All of us have an idea of what our dream home will be like. If you had some similar visions filled with magazine cut-outs of swanky apartments, mansions, or penthouses, it is time to start working towards it actively. Your dream home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make, so treat it like one.

Once you have a good idea about your needs, think about the budget and planning. Know the amount of money you are willing to shell out. Once you fix a budget, try to stay within it.

These are some of the ways to live the life you desire. But if you are feeling that your financial budget was holding you back then and will hold you backin the future too, you are mistaken. Whether you are planning to furnish a new home or looking forward to a vacation, a instant personal loan can help you achieve your dreams. It is a way through which you can gain financial assistance and support for your personal desires, without having to dip into your hard-earned savings.

Travel is one emerging area in which a personal loan is now commonlyutilised. You can do the same to turn your dream holiday into a reality.Also, thisloan can ensure that your dream home is not too far away. You can easily opt for a personal loan to provide down-payment for a home.

Following are some vital parameters to consider while opting for a personal loan:

  • Before applying for the personal loan, plan your budget (this can include the amount required to fulfil your dream)

  • Find out the interest rate on the loan, a quick comparison of lenders will help you get the best possible rate

  • Go only for trusted and reputed lenders

  • Understand all charges associated with the loan(e.g.,prepayment penalty)

  • Borrow only the amount you need


Yes, personal loans are easy to avail, and many people prefer to repay over a period than spend from their savings. But do not turn yourself into a machine that is repaying loans.

Getting the most out life doesn’t have to mean making big, adventure-seeking moves, it just means taking some simple steps to make sure you are doing the things you always wanted to do.

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