5 Things to consider while buying a gaming keyboard

5 Things to consider while buying a gaming keyboard

There are many gamers out there who choose to play games on their PC rather than on a console. This may be due to the fact that the graphic requirements and technical capabilities of a PC is much more enhanced than a console. Many games have high graphic requirements, which can only be achiever by a PC.

Now, when it comes to PC gaming, you might also want to buy additional gadgets to optimize your game performance. Gaming keyboard is one such gadget that helps you enhance your gaming capability.

Here we have discussed 5 things that you should consider while buying a gaming keyboard.

1. Membrane or dome or mechanical

Membrane keyboards are keyboards which are built with a pressure sensitive pad and are preferred by some for their quite keypress and a low profile. But these keyboards are not fit for extreme work and if your game involves a lot of keyboard action then you probably should not use this type of keyboards.

Dome keyboards, on the other hand, comes with a hybrid button that sets a folding mechanism under the keys, which presses down on the membrane when you press the keys. These type of keyboards are mostly used by consumers nowadays. They are quite expensive than membrane keyboards but cheaper than wireless ones.

Finally, mechanical setups are the best for gaming. The keyboard uses a spring and lever based mechanism and uses a non spongy membrane. The key presses are very responsive and precise. You can buy any best wireless mechanical keyboard from Amazon.

2. Price

Budget always plays a big part in deciding anything you buy. If you are planning to buy a mechanical keyboard, you need to save up a bit of money. Sure you can go ahead and buy a cheap mechanical keyboard from a no name brand, but there longevity can't be guaranteed. If you want to buy a better quality mechanical keyboard than you need to save around $80 upto $130.

3. Colors

You might hear people talk about the red and blue keyboard. These colors are more than just aesthetics. Red and Blue are actually types of mechanical keys developed by a company named Cherry, which for numerous years was considered as the industrial standard for keyboards. The keys in mechanical keyboards are named by the color of the stem at their center and different colored keyboards produce different types of click sounds and have different feel.

4. Layout

Now that we have discussed all about the mechanism, it is time to discuss the keyboard layout. It is equally important to see what the keys in your keyboard can do and how many keys does your keyboard have. Keyboards tend to have between 88 to 101 keys. Some keyboards have the number and some don't include it. You can buy the keyboards based on your requirement.

5. Appearance

Now that you have thoroughly checked the functions and mechanisms of your keyboard, you may also want to check its appearance, afterall it is going to be set on display. So, you wouldn't want something which is too blingy or attracts too much attention. You can buy simple LED keyboard to get elegant look and feel

So, these are some tips that you can be mindful of when deciding to buy a gaming keyboard. Happy gaming!

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