5 most useful apps to manage time easily

Time is a resource that everyone has at their disposal, albeit very limited. You spend it carelessly; you are ill-fated for missed deadlines and ultimately, underperformance. In this post, we will walk you through some of the most useful apps that let anyone manage easily.

But first things first…

5 most useful apps to manage time easily

Dealing with Pressure

Come to think about it this way. A student is required to submit a math assignment the following day, and at the same time, he expected to be part of school team in a baseball tournament. Then there is a manager in an office somewhere scheduled to hold a series of meetings within a couple of hours, and later on, be part of business strategy boardroom meeting. What should come first?

Here, it is an issue of competing interests. One must decide set priorities (a scale of preference) because such situations can throw all plans into disarray, especially if you are poor time manager.

But is it always a question of time management skills or dependence on memory?

Well, at least that is what most people believe, and there isn’t any doubt about the fact that it contains some grain of truth. However, as technology continues to take precedence in people’s day to day activities, the time factor becomes more overbearing. You are not going to rely on your wristwatch or depend on memory to plan and execute all of a day’s plans without risking delay.

Nevertheless, with the entire melee always threatening to rip apart one’s focus and plans, it is hard to steer clear of procrastination. Before you know it, a meeting is underway, or an assignment is due in an hour, but you cannot make it in time. A patient on a life support may be taking last gasps of breath because a doctor who was to conduct a life-saving operation is caught somewhere in a traffic jam. It’s to say, the mind can be caught in irredeemable mix-up and forgetfulness is something to which everyone becomes a victim at some point in time.

The Solution: A Time Management App

Since time immemorial, people have depended on the accuracy of their wristwatches to know when it is lunchtime or when to break for tea; however, more useful and advanced gadgets are replacing this old practice. Anyone who has been using productivity Apps or time management tools will most likely wonder how one who is yet to do so manages to pull through a stack of office assignments. Time management Apps, are not only programmable planners but also newfound ways of planning activities, setting reminders and delivering on projects without delay.

Think about how the best essay writing service you have always depended on pulls through thousands of paper orders in a week, and you will discover that its secret is not only about having a large pool or writers but also the application of time managers.

5 most useful apps to manage time easily

But while there are many of these Apps in the vendor market today, each is designed with specific users in mind. It is also imperative to note that some are way better than what you may already be using. I sampled the best to help you make the right choice henceforth, so take a look below.

1. Timely

Task scheduling, tracking and project billing can be a little overbearing if one doesn’t have the right tools to do so. With the Timely App, all that becomes easy on the go. According to the information on the official developer’s website, it is a one-stop tool that combines efficiency, profitability, and productivity in one place.

The App lets for time tagging and optimization using Google Calendar, Office 365 and Outlook so that you can be able to monitor duration spent on each task. Presently, it is available for Mac and iOs platforms, but Apple says it Android version will soon become a reality.

2. Rescue Time

There are habits that are simply hard to kick out and at the workplace; they will be the reason for one’s burnout even before a simple project is complete. Developers of Rescue Time say it lets you achieve a productive work-life balance. Weekly reports on activities provide insights into unnecessary habits that could be eating into one’s timetable.

3. Toggl

Timesheets have never outlived their significance, and with Toggl coming hot on the heels of such a necessity, there is no better way one can manage projects. Track the amount of time you spend on each project with this Amazing App.

4. Workflow

The compatibility of Workflow with planner Apps like Evernote, YouTube, Uber, and Facebook has seen its popularity soar. Use it on Google Map to save time and direct an Uber driver to a pick-up point with ease. What’s more? Drag and drop commands let you automate sophisticated tasks on your phone.

5. Trello

If you are thinking about easy task scheduling, project management and collaboration with friends or workmates, think Trello. It is web-based App that lets you create labels, post comments, attach documents and share project work on the go.

About The Author: Elizabeth Skinner works as a University Professor with a specialty in Time Management. She also does part-time writing at Edubirdie, a professional essay service.

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