5 features that make uber eats the best food ordering app

5 features that make uber eats the best food ordering app

Uber which is an online food delivery company has expanded its reign in numerous places including India. Mastering the delivery of food the company’s app remained a step ahead when comes to other delivery apps. This is the cause of increased usage of it to get food. Some major features of Uber Eat ordering app are as follows

Smart curation

Uber makes smart and brilliant use of its customer integration AI application. Once you enter the app you will have a set of selected food that are mouthwatering in your suggestion.  Picture of the food is accompanied by the menu and the price. Once you start ordering you will get customized suggestions with the help of your previous history.

Also, you can locate the nearby restaurants and hotels. This has been extremely useful for consumers. They also offer discounts and deals with the view of attracting more customers every day.

Restaurant manager

Uber has taken initiative and come up with the restaurant manager app to help its restaurant partners. This feature serves the restaurants with analytics tools. These tools analyse the orders and come up with data relating to customer satisfaction, quality and other aspects which is of great use to the restaurants. They can use this to know where they lack and also helps in deciding future actions and plans. They can also help to estimate the demand and other things relating to their product.

Scheduled orders

Scheduling the orders is a unique feature that offers its customers comfort and access. As they are battling everyday with time, this option happens to be more like a time saver. Repeat order option will help you to schedule your order for an entire week or for just a day. So, you can now concentrate on your tasks as the food will reach you at the correct time.

Tracking of your order

Though this happens to be the most common feature which you see on all apps Uber has taken it to perfection. Real-time GPS tracking helps people to track their order once the order is placed. They can easily see where their order is and in how many minutes it will reach approximately. Uber eats makes it a point to take deliveries from hospitals and parks causing it more accessible to the users. Especially when your stomach starts yelling for food. You can also know details whether your order is picked up or whether it is still bring prepared.

Easy payment options

Now-a-days easy and comfort has been the two major things around which all the service departments or industries are centred. So easy payment option is something users look for before they make use of it. In such a case Uber has analysed and has mastered that also. It has a variety of payment options from which the users can choose. They can choose from cash on delivery to promo codes. So you don't have to worry about the difficulty in payment. You can pay it on credit card or paytm or whichever is convenient

I am pretty sure that Uber has made all ways possible to serve you with food at any time and anywhere.  You can also make use of the Uber eats promocode to order your food. So eat well and handle you chores healthily

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