5 Best Free Registry Cleaner For Windows in 2019

Registry cleaners basically clean, repair and optimize Windows system’s registry.When you see signs of stability problems like freezes, crashes and errors continually popping-up, or an application taking too long to respond, it means that your Windows system requires a registry clean-up. There are different registry cleaners that you can download to optimize the performance of your Windows system for a smooth and stable operating experience. Most of these software work to remove unnecessary entries from the windows registry, and registry entries that point to files which aren’t in existence on your PC anymore. Some of the best free registry cleaners are:

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a good tool for getting automatic registry backup. It easy to Download Auslogics Registry Cleaner from any of your top android markets.It also comes equipped with a one click cleaning button. The best thing about this application is that it is really easy to use, with uncomplicated settings. If you do not have enough storage room for your documents due to reasons like cache, this software will ensure that storage space is created by easily clearing up junk files and every unwanted registry entry on your Windows PC. The colored severity feature of each category of registry area that the software discovers needs attention, makes it very easy to know what exactly is limiting the performance of your computer.

5 Best Free Registry Cleaner For Windows in 2019

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a good program if optimizing the performance of your computer is important to you. You can pause, the cleanup process and continue at a later time. The developers of Auslogics Registry Cleaner ensured that it formats every report of problems it finds, and has fixed. You can download Auslogics Registry Cleaner by simply conducting a simple search.

Advanced SystemCare

This is another registry cleanup tool with a really good interface. This program has more than registry cleaning up as one of its functions. However, we are only concerned with the Registry Cleaner tool in its design. Advanced System Care is good for users who are not really used to handling registry cleanup utilities. A very simple-to-understand interface will get your system registry cleanup done within seconds.No matter how many errors the registry cleaner tool finds in your system, it gets to work(fixing them) quickly, and is very effective.

5 Best Free Registry Cleaner For Windows in 2019

With Advanced SystemCare, you can automatically shutdown or restart your PC once the cleaning process has been concluded. Just like Auslogics registry cleaner, it also has registry backup functionality.


This is a free to download software developed by BlueSprig to handle your Windows PC registry cleanup tasks. JetClean comes with a really attractive user interface, and will scan your entire registry in a couple of seconds. Although the program keeps too many cookies by default, and it also tries to install a toolbar during installation, the program is still very effective at cleaning up your system’s registry. One standout feature of JetClean is that you can schedule registry cleanups, unlike the first two system optimization tool mentioned above.

5 Best Free Registry Cleaner For Windows in 2019

With a clean and intuitive interface, JetClean can also automatically backup registry, as well as being equipped with a one-click scan functionality. The toolbar that the software tries to install can be rejected as the software is being installed.

This free Windows optimization tool, is one of the best in the market. After tests carried out on all these Registry Cleaners, CCleaner stands out as the most easy to use of them all. Before CCleaner makes any changes to your system, it will prompt you to ensure you backup the registry. Piriform are the developers of this software,they have ensured that there are installable and portable versions of CCleaner available for free download.

5 Best Free Registry Cleaner For Windows in 2019

Although the feature set for this free version is impressive, CCleaner also has a paid version where you can monitor your computer for changes in real time. If you wish to fix an issue caused by a registry problem, CCleaner is a really effective automatic registry cleanup utility.

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is another very good cleanup tool for Windows PCs. This program cleans registry junks, repairs Windows errors, and will make sure your computer is working at its peak. The more you use your Windows PC, the more obsolete items will increase in your registry. This is what leads to slow computer performance. Wise Registry Cleaner will scan the Windows registry to find errors and ineffective items in the registry and clean them up. Your registry will be automatically backed up before the cleaning is performed, and you can use it to restore the registry to its previous point, in the event that you encounter a similar problem.

5 Best Free Registry Cleaner For Windows in 2019

You can schedule registry cleanups with Wise Registry Cleaner to daily, weekly, or monthly as it suits your needs. The scheduled cleanup will be done in the background. You can also set the icon to appear on your desktop to enable you do one-click registry cleanup.

There are a lot of System optimization tools for Windows system available for download on the internet. You will find several free registry cleanup utilities if you search on the internet, but the ones listed above are the best you can get, in terms of functionality and ease of use.

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