4 printing products for different applications

4 printing products for different applications

Printed matter comes in many shapes and sizes. From flyers and business cards to business gifts and stickers. Although more and more printed matter is being replaced by digital printing, traditional printed matter will always exist.

Nowadays it doesn't matter what you print an application on anymore. There are numerous printing techniques that allow you to print on almost all materials. As a result, the possibilities in printed matter are endless.Almost all printing products can be used in various industries. However, you do have to deal with certain trends per industry. In addition, there are several products that can be used for multiple applications. A number of examples can be found below.

V-sign boards discovered by individuals

V-signs are mainly used by real estate agents to advertise apartments and other houses without a garden. In addition, v-signs have now also been discovered by private individuals, namely for birth signs. With a birth sign on the window of your house you show that a baby has been born. This is currently a very big trend among new parents.

Plate material dibond

Dibond printing (translation: dibond bedrukken) is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This versatile sheet material can be used for multiple applications. Besides being a commonly used material for billboards, it is also used as wall decoration. Printing on dibond gives a tough look to a photo. The top layer consists of glossy aluminium. It is also possible to print dibond with a white top layer. This gives a photo a high colour intensity. A big advantage of dibond is that it can be cut into almost any shape.

Printed plexiglass

Another sheet material that you can use for multiple applications is plexiglass. Plexiglass is used, for example, for displays, light boxes, mudguards and photo products. When you have a photo printed on plexiglass, the photo is printed on the back of the glass, giving it more depth.

Not only for signage

A folding card (translation: vouwkaart) is a large card that is easy to fold. So you can easily carry the card in a pocket or bag. You probably know this type of map as a route map or map. In addition to signage cards, folding cards are also used to promote a campaign. The advantage of a folding card is that you can put a lot of information on it.

In addition to the above examples, there are many other printed products that you can use for multiple applications. This shows how versatile the possibilities are with printed matter.