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3 Crore Female Foetuses Killed in India since Independence

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 21 December 2012, 12:58 Hrs   |    9 Comments
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Bangalore: Six decades of independence has changed India’s government multifold, India’s economy, sports, relationship with neighbouring countries and what not. But the mindset and beliefs are still intact in our people. While the world gives examples of our oak strong traditional cultures, there are a lot of social issues which act like parasites in the beautiful “The Golden Bird”.

The most dreadful of them is the girl-boy inequality. No doubt Indian women are kissing sky, but if we look at the root level, the frightening picture surfaces. The sixty year period after 1947 has witnessed a loss of over 3 crore girls even before they stepped into this world. In the 21st century, the girl child continues to be murdered before she is born, to be precise, 6 lakhs every year. In fact it has been a practice for hundreds of years.

The embedded short film is a brave attempt which brings out the emotions of one such affected young urban mother. Written and Directed by Abishek Chandran, an Assistant Editor at SiliconIndia, the film “302” got screened in the International Film Festival of Rajasthan (IFFR) 2012 and made it to the ‘Top 10 Appreciated Films’ in the esteemed film festival judged by Director Devanshu Singh and Actor Virendra Saxena.

302 from Abishek.

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Reader's comments(9)
1: Another shame on India, who knows it may be practicing before independence too
Posted by:Indian - 29 Dec, 2012
2: Human society is evolving since million of years. In this process of evolution, at some time one organ of the society becomes important and at some other time some different organ of the society becomes important. Such shifting of importance can be based on geography as on macro level some countries were important in the ancient ages, some different countries in middle ages and still some other countries in modern ages. If we see on a class of professional level, we see the same dynamic process. When we see on a caste or race level, such shifting dynamics is obvious. Even on the natural species level, both in plant and animal kingdoms, we see changing level of importance of different species in different time frame.
When we look at the position of women in general in human societies, it is constantly changing. At some stage the human society was having matriarchy (it is till there in some tribal society), which was later evolved into a society based on patriarchy. With the development of modern society, after advent of industry and service sectors and with democracy, the position of women is improving in all sphere of life.
Feminism, on the other hand prophesies philosophy which has no scientific or academic basis. It is based on certain assumption, and makes such sweeping remarks that it is getting obvious that it has no relation to reality. However, due to certain cultural factors, presumptions of feminism have never been questioned openly. Such non questioning by the civilized society has given a undue credit to the discipline, which is creating havoc in the society. Thus it becomes important to question certain basic tenets of the discipline, so that the practioners of the discipline can question those tenets, which are taken as self proved and make amendments wherever required.
-Society view is Men’s View:
The fundamental presumption of feminism is that whatever society does and says is “Male view”. The basis of this assumption is that the society acts through its rulers, and for most of the recorded history, they are Males.
Rulers are neither males nor females- they are rulers. The society has to run itself. To run the society, rulers make certain rules for everybody- males and females and in that context the view of the society cannot be taken as Male view. Whatever decision Indira Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi takes, cannot be treated as Women’s view, merely because they are women. When a Male judge of Supreme Court says that husband should obey wife, it can not be said to be a Male view. This branding of “society view” is male view is not supported by any evidence and as such has no relevance. By dubbing such historical facts as male facts, the feminist have distorted the historical developments and thereby reducing the usefulness of their studies.
-Women are treated as Objects:
The society treats everybody- every individual as object. It makes norms for everybody- men, women, worker, journalist, judge, prisoner etc. Merely because there are some norms made for women, it does not mean they have become object. If such definition is accepted, everybody in the society is an object because there are certain norms for everybody.
The norms may be right of wrong. The norms may give privilege to some or may impose limitation on some. But they are norms. We may analyse what norms are right or wrong, we may criticize unreasonable norms- but mere existence of some norm does not make anybody object. If norms make anybody object, the every individual or every human being is an object.
Reading these two assumptions together, the feminist concludes that Society (read male) treats women as objects.
Apart from these two fundamental assumptions, there are minor assumptions like control of sexuality of women, women guilt, female experience etc. etc. It is important to examine such assumptions of feminism and develop theories which stood the test or rationality and objectivity.
Posted by:Rohan - 22 Dec, 2012
3: This is all one-sided and exaggeration. The gender inequality story is not one-sided. Men have faced grave inequality since the beginning ofg times and all societies have failed to recognise it. Since the first day of human civilization, Men are sacrificing their blood to protect women, children and society. It is Men, who are doing back breaking labour to get food for women and children. Against any threat to society and people, it is men who are sacrificing their life on frontiers. It is the Men, who are paying most taxes to the state so that society may function..... But what is society giving to men for such sacrifices?

Men are committing suicides at much higher rates, False allegations are leveled against men by women, Men do not have any rights in marital laws, fruits of Men's labour is being usurped through maintenance laws, men have no rights for his children, feminized education causes high percentage of male student dropouts, workplace is being made dangerous through sexual harassment laws, higher taxation on men, gender biased sexual assault laws, reservation against men....... why? 1. Men pay more taxes than women at the same income level. Tax provisions are not gender neutral.

2. Men are provided no protection against sexual harassment at workplace and against rape and seduction.

3. Men do not have the choice of vocation. He is expected to subordinate his preferences to the needs of others in the family. That is because he is always the provider to others at the cost of his own personality. He has to just slog. He lives and dies for others. He is forced to don the mantle of the breadwinner for the whole family (including the extended family upon marriage) or else face a social death.

4. Men are not allowed the luxury of being the master of their own destiny.

5. Men are not accepted by the society the way they are – just normal human beings. He is reduced to the role of a robot – the eternal protector and provider with no desires of his own!

6. Men are not provided with a free and un-choked communication channel – a channel that listens to them without invalidating their feelings or ignoring or trivializing their problems.

7. No schemes are being furthered either by the Government or eminent social celebrities for boys the way they are happening for girls.
This has led to more boys dropping out of school resulting in in crease of juvenile delinquency. Shunned by the society, such boys grow up with gross inadequacy and ultimately turn criminals.

8. There is no concept of MEN’s RIGHTS, only RESPONSIBILITIES and DUTIES enshrined for them!

9. 2007: 57593 married men committed suicide vis-à-vis 30064 married women in India.

10. If we look back, in the last 62 years of independent India not a single rupee has ever been allocated for men’s welfare from the Union Budget.

11. Not a single constitutional or quasi-constitutional body has ever been formed to identify redress problems peculiar to men.

12. There's no a National Commission for Men nor Men’s Welfare Ministry.

13. The numerous Anti-male and gender biased laws which are not gender-neutral.

14. Anti-male slant and negative stereotyping indulged in by media, television and films against men.

15. Negligence of health issues of men like prostate cancer, short life expectancy, high suicide rates, cardiac problems, diabetes etc.

16. Not a Single Attempt has ever been made to Recognize that Men Too Have Problems

17. Not a Single scheme ever been envisaged for Men’s Welfare.

18. On the other hand men are always discriminated against in the guise of women empowerment.

19. Lack of government urge on the private sector to come up with Health Products specifically targeted to diseases affecting men in large numbers.

20. The World Economic Forum does not recognize men as human beings, because it doesn't conduct a study and publish Gender Index of Men similar to that of women.
Posted by:Rohan - 22 Dec, 2012
4: One of the blessings of Nehru-"Gandhi" rule over India.
Posted by:Shaas Ruz - 22 Dec, 2012
5: One of the blessings of Nehru-"Gandhi" rule over India.
Posted by:Shaas - 22 Dec, 2012
6: Another milestone of social progress since Nahru and his "Gandhi" family took over.
Posted by:Shaas - 22 Dec, 2012
7: Another milestone of social progress since Nahru and his "Gandhi" family took over.
Posted by:Shaas Ruz - 22 Dec, 2012
8: What do you mean by "oak strong traditional cultures"? The fact that we're one of the least clean morally ($125 billion black money)? Or the fact that we're one of the least clean physically (with 650 million defecating in the open)?
Posted by:Arputha - 22 Dec, 2012
9: congratulations! hope the message reaches to every indian
Posted by:Smitha Shetty - 21 Dec, 2012