10 Strong Willed Women Who Are Making A Huge Difference In Society

BENGALURU: Change in the society does not only occur by particular professionals neither by revelations made by masses, all that is important is a kind heart with willingness to help others. India has been witnessing such people who have a big heart to contribute silently for a better society. However along with men, women have also taken equal part moral responsibilities.   

8 generous Indian women who are melting the groans of others, reports Scoopwoop.

Priti Patkar:

Priti Patkar is admittedly a caring mother to hundreds of deprived kids in Mumbai’s red-light area. Patkar setup the world’s first Night Care Shelter in midst of red-light area. Subsequently she establishes a NGO called ‘Prerana’, which works to protect children from commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking.

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