10 Nastiest Communal Riots That Ever Happened in Secular India

5. Gujarat Riots 2002:

The 2002 Gujarat riots went on for about three days among the Hindu and Muslim communities of Gujarat. The outbreaks of violence in Ahmedabad lasted for approximately three weeks, followed by further mass killings against the minority Muslim population for three months all over the states. During the riot, the Sabarmati Express train was burnt(Godhra violence) as a preplanned plot by Muslim crowd and then Muslims were attacked after this incident. The riots resulted in the death of 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus; 2,500 people were injured and over 200 people more were reported missing. There were cases of rape, children being burned alive, and looting and destruction of property. The Gujarat riots were thus an act of cruelty and one of the worst riots to ever happen in India.

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