10 Incredible Things Innovated By Women

BENGALURU: Inventions, whether big or small are so useful and important without which the life we live in today would be so much more complicated. We are thankful to those inventors who contributed to our comfortable life we have today. But when we hear the word inventor, it is mostly the men who strike us the most; we often forget the incredible contributions made by women who invented some amazing things which are so useful in our everyday life.

Here are such 10 amazing products invented by women given by Yahoo Finance:

Mary Anderson-Windshield WipersWindshield Wipers:

How many of you say this is an incredible invention? Almost everyone isn’t it. Imagine having to wipe the windshield manually every now and then, it is tiring. It was Mary Anderson who is credited with devising the first operational windshield wiper in 1903. Invention of a car is just as much important as invention of the windshield wiper. It was after her invention, the automobile manufacturing business grew exponentially. In 1922, Cadillac became the first car manufacturer to adopt them as standard equipment.

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