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10 Fastest Growing States of India

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 04 September 2012, 11:43 Hrs   |    25 Comments
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Bangalore: Which states in India have the fastest growth rate? Indian states are endowed with rich natural resources. Apart from, focusing on agriculture, many states have made rapid growth in industrialization and other areas as well. Here are the 10 fastest growing states and union territories of India, as listed by rediff.com.


Sikkim is India’s fastest growing state with a growth rate of 20.53 percent based on compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) in the last five years, as reported by Ranju Sarkar and Dilasha Seth for rediff.com. It is a popular tourist destination, owing to its culture, scenery and biodiversity. Sikkim has the fifth highest incidence of poverty among the states, with 41.4 percent of the population below the poverty line. Moreover, with 38 percent of the population below the age of 15, the number of young people entering the workforce and looking for jobs in industry and services will increase in coming years. This is a healthy trend that shows that the state is fast moving from the status of ‘developing’ to ‘developed’. The primary sector comprises of agriculture, mining, and forest, while secondary sector mainly consists of manufacturing, construction and electricity and tertiary sector consists of services sector like banking, trade, transport, communication, insurance and tourism.


Uttarakhand takes the second spot on the list.  The 5 Years CAGR of Uttarakhand is 13.60 percent. The state boasts of one of the fastest growing economy in the country. The state has achieved a 9.31 percent growth in its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - third after Gujarat and Bihar as per the data released by the Central Statistical Organization.

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Reader's comments(25)
1: You guys really need education, fastest growing doesn't mean best state. India is growing much faster then any European country, does it mean india is in better condition then Europe? So use your brain before writing easy
Posted by:Saurbah - 14 Apr, 2015
2: where is tamil nadu it is also one of best state of india in all sectors,climate,educations,infrastructure and employing. silicon india you are support only the north indian states???
Posted by:akash - 10 Oct, 2014
You guys really need education, fastest growing doesn't mean best state. India is growing much faster then any European country, does it mean india is in better condition then Europe? So use your brain before writing easy
Saurbah Replied to: akash - 14 Apr, 2015
4: himachal is fastest growing state in india.
Posted by:jagat - 28 Jan, 2014
you are right bharat
jagat Replied to: jagat - 14 Apr, 2014
6: himachal perdesh is fastest growing ..
Posted by:ramel - 30 Oct, 2013
7: Paid website
Posted by:saurav - 12 Jul, 2013
8: I dont know that how they do the survey on this as per state. May be they decided the cities or states are growing fatest, but whole world knows thet Mumbai is a fastest growing, fastest running and best ciity of india than any other city or state. Mumbai is No.1 and other cities has somuch time, so far distence to give competition to Mumbai. And similarly whole Maharahtra is a most developed, a No.1 state in Industries, Business, Education, Employment, Standard, Status, Economy, Politics and in Law & Order. Also if we have to talk on education, then there is not comparison with Maharashtra in education. In Maharashtra, there are some model cities which are a mother of education, specially Pune and then Mumbai. The education level of those cities is most high and most reputed, and this also whole world knows, and demands the people who are the degree holders from Maharashtra's Univercities, and there is concidered the most valuable & demanded degree for everywhere is the degree of Maharashtra. The international level education is here, u'll find. And also there is no option to compare to Maharashtra in Industries, Business etc... Because Maharashtra was No.1, is No.1 in all of that. Subjected to essues of educational, industrial, economicaal, financial whatever, every state and cities of raste of india follows, followed always in past to till now, and stil following, and ofcourse will do. If have to talk on Law & Order, people and specially womens of Maharashtra feels most safe and comfortable.. yes, because they are! And the maximum migration rate from all states of india is to Maharashtra. The percentages says it. Why it be? There should besome reason to be this, and everybody knows that reason. Then how anybody can say that this perticular state has this this bla bla bla? Its a pure stupidness of that budy. In which missunderstanding, wrong info, wrong knowledge they are living? Leave yaar...
Because of these all things, Maharashtra became No.1 with its own & known reputation and status. And it is already a developed state, so it doesn't have much need to be grow, and thats why its growing rate is less than other states, which are growing now, which has started to grow at now, by following Maharashtra, which every Indian knows..!!!
From: Uday Ramteke...
Posted by:Uday Ramteke - 11 May, 2013
YEAH..we saw it in Slumdog Millionaire..
matrixmait Replied to: Uday Ramteke - 20 Jul, 2013
10: Gujarat is the best state of India with least unemployment, poverty, crime rate, etc. Gujarat is also consider as the most favorable state of India for the foreign investment and also the most developed state of the India as People of all the states of India arrive and settel in Gujarat for thew employment and for the better education like foreign countries. CM Modi rocksss! Gujarat ROcksssssss.
Posted by:Seema - 29 Mar, 2013
please se the rate of unempoyment rate in gujrat it is far behind
sanjeev Replied to: Seema - 23 Oct, 2014
12: Tamil Nadu is the Trumendous state in the world.tamilians are so affectionate to all in the world.Tamil nadu is no1
by vignesh a bangalore
Posted by:vignesh a - 15 Mar, 2013
you are absoulutly right
prasanth Replied to: vignesh a - 23 May, 2017
14: maharashtra is the best. shame on you silicon india. biased reporting.
Posted by:utkarsh - 07 Mar, 2013
Waht about drought in Maharastra and Water Logging in rainy season.
Ravindra Replied to: utkarsh - 25 Jun, 2013
16: thanks
Posted by:varun - 20 Dec, 2012
17: thanks
Posted by:varun - 20 Dec, 2012
18: I was wondering why Himachal Pradesh is not in this list, than I searched all growth indicators about Indian States. Surprisingly, I found out that Himachal Pradesh and Kerela are most the advanced and developed states, Human development index much higher than national average, per capita income is also higher too, Literacy level above 90% and last but not the least less corruption.
Posted by:Bharat - 05 Sep, 2012
yah you are right bharat
ramel Replied to: Bharat - 30 Oct, 2013
20: NEW DELHI IS FALSE BY ALL MEANS. this is biased reporting by Silicon India
Posted by:NAIR - 04 Sep, 2012
you are wrong nair. Delhi is the capital and any how it will develop fast by any other. But good to know that there is no Maharastra.
vickey Replied to: NAIR - 04 Sep, 2012
22: silicon india is biased towards the congress party. Internet freedom cannot be some political parties
Posted by:NAIR - 04 Sep, 2012
again you are wrong here. you could be right but not 100%
vickey Replied to: NAIR - 04 Sep, 2012
24: Nice to see sikkim tops!
Posted by:sam - 04 Sep, 2012
Where ever you see in bangalore, out of state people come & work. so Karnataka is best, people called silicon city.
Khalindar M Replied to: sam - 25 Sep, 2016