Harsh Chhaya: 'Chor police' is always a popular format to watch

Harsh Chhaya: 'Chor police' is always a popular format to watch
Actor Harsh Chhaya is gearing up for the release of his crime thriller series "Undekhi". He says the format of the police chasing bad guys always makes for interesting viewing.
Based on true events, the first teaser of the web series showcased a murder in the Sundarbans. Another teaser showing a girl being shot in midst of a celebration at a different location altogether is also out now.
He said it was his character in the series that made him sign up for the show.
"He (his character) is a wealthy man and has all the powers that come with wealth. He is well connected. He is a rich and an obnoxious man. He is a wild, out of control kind of a guy and he couldn't care less for anything or anybody," Harsh told IANS.
"It's a negative character, there's nothing to be proud of being such a person. As a character, it is interesting to play. I tried to make him look 'hateable'," he added.
Harsh also liked the overall story of the series.
"The story has its own moments. It's a cop-based thriller story. The thriller...chor police is a popular format for people who do it and people who watch it. All in all, it works for me," he said.
Directed by Ashish R. Shukla, the series is slated to launch on July 10 on SonyLIV.
Source: IANS