Google Play Games beta on PC now available in India

Google Play Games beta on PC now available in India
Google launched Play Games beta on PC in the country to enable players to experience immersive and seamless cross-platform gameplay. Players participating in the beta can play mobile games across their phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and PCs, the company said in a statement. "Users in India can access this in English and Hindi."
The company is launching it in over 60 new regions in addition to India. With this, gamers in more than 120 regions can now access the Play Games beta on PCs. With Play Games on PC, players can easily browse, download and play mobile games on their PCs, allowing them to take advantage of larger screens and improved controls with mouse and keyboard inputs.
Moreover, players can pick up where they left off since progress and game libraries are synced across devices. "We are excited to partner with developers globally to bring their incredible games to larger screens for players worldwide," the company said. "Since our launch last year, we have grown our Google Play Games catalog by hundreds of games, all optimized for larger screens and with improved controls."
Users can access popular titles from Indian developers like Ludo King and Hitwicket Games, as well as globally acclaimed titles such as Eversoul, Lords Mobile and Evony: The King's Return. Over the past months, the tech giant has also added new features like keyboard remapping and lowered the minimum PC spec requirements to make Play Games more widely available and customisable for users. "As we move towards a full release, we will continue to add new features and evaluate developer and player feedback," the company said. 
Source: IANS