World's Most Amazing Movie Theatres you Didn't Know Existed

Playing Netflix after grabbing a tub of caramel filled popcorn & ice-cubed coke and chilling all day at your couch; is this your favourite thing to do when you have absolutely nothing else to do? Don’t be a sloth and pull up your socks as these growing tradition is completely passé. To actually look cool and updated, hang out with your buddies to these below mentioned amazing movie theatres where you can relax at the same level you do at home. Sounds cool, uh?

Famous Polish Director and the Academy Winner Director of the movie ‘The Pianist’, Roman Polanski once said, “Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theatre”, and justifying this some theatres around the world now have more than just recliner seats and popcorns. Read through and get to know world’s amazing and coolest movie theatres that give you that propensity to abandon your couch. 

1. Secret Cinema (Worldwide)

The reason why this place is ranked #1 is because of its exceptionality from others. As the name indicates, ‘Secret Cinema’ has strictly told the organizers and the patrons not to reveal the location or the movie that’s going to be screened. The mesmerizing ‘Secret Cinema’ is a London-based team that arranges movie events on a monthly basis. After you register at their website, you will be told about the screening location at the day of the screening and interestingly, hired actors will perform the live performances from the movie (i.e. a theatrical showing of the movie), the element of mystery is the catalyst that brings the people to this one-of-a-kind music theatres. The curiosity aspect is at the maximum and it just adds more enthusiasm to the viewers.