Kamal Vs Rajini: Who is The Best?

Kamal Vs Rajini: Who is The Best?

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 30 March 2012, 10:42 Hrs   |    29 Comments
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Bangalore: Rajinikanth doesn’t wear a watch. He decides what time it is, and his calendar goes straight from March 31 to April 2—because NOBODY can fool Rajinikanth.

Ever come across lines like these? Well sure, some of them are said to be inspired by Chuck Norris jokes, but well, if you don’t like them, you’d better run when you have the chance; because Rajinikanth is watching. Mind it.

Movies, first introduced as a means of recreation, have evolved over time and have gained the power to inspire, and ignite the soul, as with any other form of art. India especially stands witness to this fact, with its actors having a cult status, and devotees who are determinedly loyal to their favorite stars.

Actors like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan especially are privy to this kind of god-like-status with the masses; and one question that continues to plague South India is that of who is better at the trade—the iconic Kamal Haasan or idolized Rajinikanth?

1. If you played by numbers, Rajinikanth is older than Kamal, but entered the film industry later than the latter. The ‘Superstar’ of Tamil cinema made more than a whopping 150 films since 1975, while Kamal Haasan had his first performance when he was just four years old, and since 1959, he has acted in over 300 movies.

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Reader's comments(29)
1: Heros are creation of directors. Kamal gains 100% satisfactory marks from directors. If you watch Pushpaka Vimana, you can understand. Rajini is best for some characters but not comparable with Kamal for any thing. It can be Dance,Acting, Fights,Characters and Romance. Choice left to you only now decide who is best. In single sentence Rajini has craze where as Kamal rejected craze.
Posted by:Raj Paradesi - 13 Sep, 2015
2: After nadigar thilagam SHIVAJI GANESHAN universal hero KAMALHASSAM only,because in 1964 sivaji sir played 9 characters in movie NAVARATHIRI,after so much of year kamal sir played 10 characters in DASAVATHARAM Even though Indian cinema was technically developed he played 10 characters by himself(ie;NO DOOP or NO GRAPHICS).but rajini sir played in the movie ENTHIRAN & KOCHADAIYAAN FULL OF GRAPHICS,ANIMATION etC.
Posted by:krishna - 03 Jun, 2014
3: Cannot teach matured guys !! Collection, mass, commercial - only in cinema ?? Industry will not grow up, if innovation is not tried and that is Kamal Hassan. So many awards / honors he has won but always down to earth. Doing movies on the areas what others have not done (success unknown since never experimented). Looking perfection on whatever he does !! He is not only an excellent actor but also very good in scrip writing, lyrics, singing and direction. Wondering how people can write off such a capable man comparing with an actor, who does only what director ask him to do, to suit the entertainment for current audience !! Cinema is not only for the actors who have more fans, but also for actors who helps it to grow !!
Posted by:Seshadri - 22 Apr, 2014
4: I think rajini is the best and always kamal
Posted by:Prasanna - 08 May, 2013
5: I think ..Its not about who came first , and how many movies has he acted and all.. its purely about how has he acted in the given roles, what intensity has he displayed in his role. Pls watch Rajnis Basha , the robot , its just mind blowing.. honestly when I see Basha in certain scenes ..my hairs stood up ..thalaivar is the best ..and of course superstar has reachd through out the world ....I am still a kamals fan ..I totally agree that he is a universal hero .. but super star is always alltime everybodys super star ...Rajni always has a cutting edge over kamal.. my apologies if i hurt some one ..its just a jovial forum
Posted by:shan - 27 Dec, 2012
Posted by:P R BAALU - 01 Dec, 2012
kamalhasan cannot be compared with sivaji ganesan because nadiagar thilagam achieved everything when there was no technical excellcence, kamalhasan is always a confusing actor for common man, whereas nadigar thilagam is very simple actor for common man to understand. Also super star should not be compared with mgr, because he has achieved lot of best character roles compared with mgr. mgr is always similar in acting, but onething sure, mgr and rajini are mg (minimum gurantee actors)
keerthivasan Replied to: P R BAALU - 21 Apr, 2013
8: Super star rajini is always far better than kamalhasan, as kamalhasan coming from methodical acting or theatrical acting, whereas super star can act realistically without showing camera-consciousness. But Rajini's style is of no use as it has no substance and it is only for masses like riksha-pullers and very poor people (B and C Class audience)
Posted by:keerthivasan - 12 Nov, 2012
9: Acting Kamal is the best and style and mass appeal it is Rajini. Like MGR and Sivaji
Posted by:PS Mohan - 22 Sep, 2012
10: i do not understand the intention of this article.
why silicon india started comparing like this...to get readers fight in the comments...(we).

both are best actors..no doubt.everyone knows..
Posted by:shesh - 17 Aug, 2012
11: KAMALHassan ofcourse...RAJINI no where close to KAMAL
Posted by:LEGEND - 05 Jul, 2012
Posted by:KAMALKANTH - 07 Jun, 2012
13: Both are self-obsessed and narcissistic actors.
Posted by:Niranjan - 15 Apr, 2012
14: Both Kamal Haasan for the class and Rajinikanth for the mass!
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore (AP),India
E-mail: anumakonda.jagadeesh@gmail.com
Posted by:Anumakonda - 01 Apr, 2012
You are telling that rajini is for masses, and kamalhasan is class, when you do not have mass and only class, what is the use of it? Without touching the heart of public or masses if you act, you will be foolish and idiot, and you are acting only for your fan club and ching chang, so called fans. Rajini fans criticize when rajini makes mistakes, but kamalhasan fans think he is demi-god, even we can find fault with god, but your kamalhasan fans do not find anything. It is very peculiar, and kamalhasan is surviving because of the close fans like you. Always try to find fault with kamalhasan instead of rajini as that will improve the acting quality of your demi god kamalahasan.
keerthivasan Replied to: Anumakonda - 25 Apr, 2013
16: Its wrong - "It (Dsavatharam Movie) ultimately grossed more than $4 billion worldwide".It must be $4 million OR 40 million, not 4 billion, as u know $4 billion is more than INR 20,000 crore,and one more thing..AVATAR grossed around $2 billion - the highest in history.
Posted by:Raju Mathew - 31 Mar, 2012
i think you didn't see the rupee symbol there. its 2 billion rupees, that is 200 Crore
YOGAKRISHNA Replied to: Raju Mathew - 02 Jan, 2013
250 crores= 2.5 billion. I can't find anything wrong with this article.
Ruby Replied to: Raju Mathew - 02 Apr, 2012
19: do you have an answer which is the best song ? the answer differs from one to other and finally in common we have few bests in the lists. Like wise, we cant tell which actor is best in compare, esp in south india. we have quite a bunch of good actors and slightly they differ in their mannerisms. In style, rajnikanth is good and in good method acting we have kamal, mamootty and Vikram. For natural acting we jayaram, mohanlal,prabhu etc,. So, there is no point of comparing.
Posted by:Joseph - 31 Mar, 2012
20: Both are different in their ways. It cannot be matched. Action as doctor in vasool raja, etc. are his own ways of Kamal hassan. Style, swift movement, fighting, acting, personal character, faith in Gods will are with Rajnikanth. The question of matching should not and does not arise. vratha, India
Posted by:vrathakrishnan - 31 Mar, 2012
No doubt Rajini is the best. In South East Asis, he is the second high paid and first one is Jacki chan. Rajinis pay in Enthiran was 6 times more than Amitab Batchans films. There is a lot to tell about his mannerism, perfection in job, God faith etc. Once his film Boss inflicted heavy loss to the distributors and theatre owners. He called all and made good their losses.
This never happened in any film production. Considering all these, Rajnikanth is the best of all.
VRathakrishnan Replied to: vrathakrishnan - 04 Aug, 2012
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Posted by:jjinghu - 31 Mar, 2012
23: for god's sake, stop comparing oranges and apples, some folks likes oranges and but a lot of them likes apples, but that does n't make it anyway superior!!, it is still an apple, at the end of the day!!, ramesh
Posted by:ramesh - 31 Mar, 2012
24: Both are good entertainers. Stress busters for people of other Industries.Have earned well because of very large scale users. Who is best? What is the use?! They themselves were stressed and troubled in personal life. So, Rose or Jasmine - Both are useful.
Posted by:Mithra - 31 Mar, 2012
25: dont compare anybody with others ,this kind of mannerism which create unusual words and battle with their fans
Posted by:Chandru - 31 Mar, 2012
26: Both are icons of the Tamil Film Industry. Best part is that both have tried their hand at movies in other languages too!
Posted by:sri - 30 Mar, 2012
rajini is always the best man for every time with his character and everything
nishanthini Replied to: sri - 29 Jun, 2013
How can you compare Kamal with Rajini, even though kamal has more number of films (double then Rajini's ) he dosn't have the success as Rajini has.Rajini is ruling the film industry morethan 30 years, where kamal not even single year. If you rate it Kamal wont get the 2nd position. If you compare Rajini with Sylvester Stallone or jakichan, it will make some sense.
Rajini entered the film industry when kamal is a big actor, however within 3 year he become the superstar and maintaining it. even kamal act another 100 films he can't match Rajini's success.
ashok Replied to: nishanthini - 31 Aug, 2013
Rajini can perform roles that will be understood by common man very easily. Kamalahasan thinks he is god, in real case, he is the biggest sambar, even ramarajan is better actor than this idiotic kamalahasan. Rajini will easily rule over kamalahasan, whereas MGR and Sivaji Ganesan had tough competition, later stage (around 1973 or 1974) Sivaji ganesan won the heart of the public, and scored easily our MGR As mass hero.
keerthivasan Replied to: ashok - 12 May, 2017