5 Must Watch Movies For Kids This Summer

4. Stanley Ka Dabba: Do you want to go back to your old school days? Then this movie is a perfect watch for you with your kid. Gossiping with your friends on the backbench, sharing your tiffin boxes and ganging up against a cruel teacher, this movie has it all. The movie revolves around Stanley a grade 4 kid who is the star amongst his friends. He writes poetry well and is appreciated by his English teacher. However not everyone appreciates him, as most cannot understand his imagination. Stanley is an orphan and goes hungry, but all his friends willingly share food with him.

5. Chillar Party: This movie is about a group of young carefree children who try their hands at politics when a new rule is made to capture all stray dogs! Chillar Party is truly an inspirational story for children as it teaches you to be independent and to fight for what they believe in! Let your kids watch and learn a lesson. A must-watch film for kids as it will teach them a lesson about the power of unity.

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