Yogendra Singh On Field Force Management

Yogendra Singh On Field Force Management

When a salesman sells some thing  directly instead of going through channels like wholesale, he is categorized as a Direct Sales Agent (DSA). If he is physically traveling from door to door, trying to convince people to buy his product, he is a field salesperson and a team of such salespeople is called a field force or a field sales team.

No matter how much the digital revolution has changed the buying behaviour of consumers, some things will continue to require the active presence of humans. Like selling Franchise for example  a lot of us still want to talk to a person, more than a bot even though they have their vital uses. We feel comfortable when we are talking to a living being in person, asking questions, nodding along.

The goal of any field force management solution is to allow employees to become better at their jobs and deliver high levels of service satisfaction to the customers.

Bringing great simplicity and ease to the field activities and operations, such a solution empowers the field employees to carry out their duties efficiently and empowers the organization to closely monitor their field workforce for performance. Adding enterprise mobility management to the equation is even better, because any good field force mobility Solutions are having the potential to streamline the process of managing field force even further. If you are an enterprise with a field workforce, you can bring more balance to how things work in your organization with the combination of field force management and enterprise mobility management.

"Digitise all your Work – The power to digitise everysingle work process of yours, is nothing short of miraculous"

A field force management tool helps you to remain in contact with your staff while they are at work on the field. This helps you to track your personnel in real time. Field personnel or your staff can log in and enter their attendance using a smartphone. You can assign that particular day’s task remotely using a web console or your own smartphone.

Managing the sales team, or any type of workforce team for that matter which is engaged in field work, requires the help of a specialized type of software. Having a field force management software is of utmost importance for companies that has workforce out on the field doing work.

Predictive capabilities don’t just rely on technologies, but also on the manner in which they are leveraged. It requires insights into the business to learn where technology would suit most. Technology is driving customer satisfaction, and you can take a ride tool!                                                                                                                                         

Following are a couple of benefits of using a  field force management software:   

•The efficient management enabled by the software allows the organization and its mobile workforce to keep their attention focused on keeping the customers happy and not get caught up in the daily time consuming trivialities.

•It can be integrated with other key software systems of the organization, like ERP and CRM, and achieve productivity on even wider scale. Integration like this can help in interconnecting crucial organizational workflows with each other for more convenience.

•It helps in smart organization and management of the resources on the field. Achieving a seamless coordination between different employees, where everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing, is one way field force management solution simplifies the mobile way of working.

•The software is necessary to let the mobile team grow seamlessly. With a field force management software there to take care of the field workforce, there always remains room to expand the mobile team a little more.

•Ultimately, the software serves greatly to the employees who are working on the field and require information on their fingertips to take the right decisions at the right time. When the mobile workforce is able to perform their work duties in a better way, they are consequently able to serve the clients better as well.

Case study-

Barista is using Wobot Field Management Service for Franchise Team and same team achieving Targets 50% more than previous and result is we have opened 100+ FOFO Stores within a year.

We have implemented Wobot FSM to boost operation, BD and Mkt Team Performance and to monitor progress of their assignments. Self-learning, artificial intelligence bot to help you make well informed business decisions in an instant! Our bot analyses all of your previous work data, and using NLP (Neural Language Processing) delivers business recommendations to you, upon request. These recommendations will help you in increasing business efficiency as well as recognise weaknesses in your current work ways.

Task Management – Create and Assign daily work tasks to all your employees, with a click of a button! Equipped with Push notifications, SMS notifications, and our Offline Mode (App works offline as well); you can ensure instant task information delivery to your employees instantly!

Digitise all your Work – The power to digitise every single work process of yours, is nothing short of miraculous. Wobot provides you with a feature called “Create/Customise Checklists”. Using this feature, you can create/customise any form/checklists to digitise the work of any/all departments of your organisation.