WM Promus Join Hands with EdgeVerve to Boost Automation for Customers

WM Promus Join Hands with EdgeVerve to Boost Automation for Customers

WM Promus, one of the leading software service providers join hands with EdgeVerve Systems, an Infosys subsidiary to create and offer innovative automation solutions. The partnership will help the enterprises across industries such as financial services, airlines, manufacturing, and retail to enhance enterprise-wide productivity and efficiency.

Paul Walker, Director, WM Promus, comments, “WM Promus has consistently delivered high quality consultancy services, processes, and software tools to support customers' business functions. Through partnership with EdgeVerve, we will be able to expand our automation capabilities and offer agile scalable solutions to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency”.

EdgeVerve’s AssistEdge is one of the leading automation platforms that comes with advanced AI capabilities delivering a comprehensive suite of products across Process Discovery, RP and Orchestration. It excels in enabling businesses to adapt the market challenges that demand scalability, security, intelligence and innovations. Also, EdgeVerve and WM Promus deliver these solutions to enterprises worldwide.

Commenting on this, Atul Soneja, SVP & Global Head – Edge Products & Infosys Nia, says, “EdgeVerve's Partner Program, Synergy is a collaborative endeavor to build and nurture relationships with industry leaders, who are keen on uncovering opportunities and solving problems for customers worldwide. Through this program, EdgeVerve leverages its enterprise grade, scalable and proven AI and Automation platforms, along with the services and consulting capabilities of its partners, to enable clients accelerate and amplify their digital transformation journey. We are proud to partner with WM Promus and I am confident that the combined capabilities of the two organizations will deliver significant business value to our customers”.

Founded in 2014, EdgeVerve steers the digital transformation with our AI-Enabled Solutions, automation, artificial intelligence and applications. IT makes constant strides towards transforming enterprises by offering AI enabled Business Applications enhancing the Infosys Nia platform with capabilities across the Automation continuum.