William O'Neill India Releases Algorithmic Trading Strategy, AlgoSmith for Retail Investors

William ONeill India Releases Algorithmic Trading Strategy, AlgoSmith for Retail Investors

William O’Neill India, one of the equity research and advisory firms has introduced AlgoSmith, an algorithmic trading strategy to offer superior risk adjusted returns compared to its benchmark. First-of-its-kind, AlgoSmith employs multi factor models with a combination of quantitative and fundamental elements to select stocks and determine their weight efficiently in the investment.

Commenting on this, Anupam Singhi, CEO, William O’Neill India, states, “We are thrilled to have launched our state-of-the-art automated portfolio management solution AlgoSmith. It provides algorithmic dynamic to find the right market pattern devoid of human biases and hesitation. AlgoSmith has used over 100 years of stock market expertise and technology to provide you with an intelligent investment advice”.

AlgoSmith uses a set of proven stock allocation tools and research methodologies for investment construction. It’s the combination of human selection of stocks and machine level forecasting of stock market direction determines the entry and exit price for each stock. The process mainly eliminates the biases of human behaviour with respect in buying and selling which invariably leads to greed or fear in decision making. William O’Neill India’s Data Scientists, Equity Analysts and Technology team have built and combined robots and algorithms that use intricate dynamics to provide accurate stock market advice.

Providing collective data of 70,000 stocks in 80 global markets, over 4,000 Indian stocks and over 60 Sector Analysis along with a state-of-the-art stock and market research, William O’Neill is part of the O’Neill companies and focuses on individual equities, mutual funds, ETFs and indices across the globe. Founded in 2012, William O’Neill Indian currently delivers service offerings to MarketSmith India, SwingTraders India, AlgoSmith, Panaray and PortfolioSmith, catering to various needs in the stock market.