Vishal Sikka Wants To Intensify Humanity by Using AI

Vishal Sikka Wants To Intensify Humanity by Using AI

The primary mission of building this start up is to encourage millions of people be able to build intelligent systems based on artificial intelligence.

FREMONT, CA: Vishal Sikka stepped down as the CEO and executive vice-chairman of Infosys, an Indian IT administrations organization, two years later. Now he has propelled another endeavor in artificial intelligence. Vianai, a Palo Alto, California-based startup, has declared its presence with 50 million USD in seed financing.

He trusts computer-based intelligence has the potential to change business as well as to "enhance mankind," as he puts it. He considers computer-based intelligence to be a power multiplier that can handle issues going from environmental change to personal development.

Sikka said in an interview that he would like to see tens of millions of people to be able to build intelligent systems, and billions to be able to bring necessary intelligence into anything they do. He also added that he has always been passionate about the idea of technology being a human amplifier, something that improves man's ability and makes them see more, do more and be more. Both his wife Vandana and Sikka are deeply committed to this idea. He wants to build a technology that can improve situations rather than negatively affecting the world.

Sikka believes that education is one of the critical parts of the work at Vianai, so he has started to do master classes on AI techniques with some of his clients. He aims to make a platform for people to learn things quickly.

He is a Ph.D. holder in computer-based intelligence from Stanford College, showed the Vianai stage at a keynote address at the Oracle OpenWorld gathering on September 17. Before his residency at Infosys, he went through 12 years at German programming organization SAP, where he was last an individual from its official board. Sikka additionally serves on the leading supervisory body of the BMW Gathering and as a consultant at the Stanford Foundation for Human-Centered Intelligence (HAI).

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