To Offer Satellite Access Solutions, DOCOMO PACIFIC Allies with Hawaii Pacific Teleport

Bangalore: The preeminent provider of telecommunications services in Guam & the CNMI, DOCOMO PACIFIC  is making a significant investment in connectivity enhancements by enrolling the satellite teleport business with Hawaii Pacific Teleport ('HPT'), a Hawaii-based international provider of satellite & fibre-based communications.

Speaking on the occasion, Roderick Boss, President & CEO, DOCOMO PACIFIC says "Over the past year, it's been great to build our relationship and work together with Hawaii Pacific Teleport. As an innovator of new and emerging technology, we're excited to grow our footprint while offering unique communication services throughout the region.”

Through this partnership that was created in 2018, DOCOMO PACIFIC is developing its telecommunications footprint by extending its reach and capabilities to connect global customers through satellite teleport services. DOCOMO PACIFIC will enhance carrier quality connectivity, enhance colocation and disaster recovery for partnering companies, and offer network redundancy & diversity through satellite bandwidth to islands with limited subsea cables.

Speaking about the partnership, Leeana Smith-Ryland, CEO of HPT states, "DOCOMO PACIFIC is a natural partner for HPT to help complete the most robust and comprehensive fibre and satellite communications coverage throughout the Pacific area of reach. Coupled with HPT's existing facilities and visible arc, the new Guam teleport will expand into new satellite footprints and fortify the existing Pacific coverage area."

On the flipside, HPT will enhance its existing telecommunications approach to those satellites not apparent in Hawaii and benefit from DOCOMO PACIFIC's robust, dark fibre network extending throughout Guam and international fibre POPs.  HPT will leverage its satellite teleport expertise to build and manage the 12,000-square-foot Guam teleport located in Pulantat, Guam, and will offer a U.S. based teleport facility in the Pacific with access to a number of countries with lower latency and multiple backhaul options.

“Our partnership with HPT allows DOCOMO PACIFIC to improve the communication needs of many organizations while helping them connect millions around the world. We look forward to the many benefits this new venture will bring to our region while allowing us to remain a leader in innovation and telecommunications in Guam and the CNMI." Roderick Boss, President and CEO, DOCOMO PACIFIC,” adds Roderick.

A wholly owned subsidiary of NTT DOCOMO. Headquartered in Tamuning Guam, DOCOMO PACIFIC provides a full range of Carrier Services connecting the Marianas (Guam, Saipan, Tinian, and Rota) and beyond, from simple cross connects to comprehensive international connectivity.

An international provider of satellite and fibre-based communications providing connectivity between the Americas and Australasian region, HPT is a global networking gateway bridging the US and Asia Pacific markets with the rest of the world.

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