TikTok Ventures into eLearning Market with EduTok


The short video creation platform TikTok, with the launch of EduTok program, announces its venture into India's eLearning market. This program is launched with the intention to democratize learning for all the Indian digital community on the platform. Since its commencement, EduTok has witnessed tremendous user response. About 10million pieces of content were created and shared using the #EduTok hashtag. This has already fetched over 48 billion views and 1.8 billion shares on TikTok.

TikTok has entered into a partnership with Josh Talks and The Nudge Foundation to launch the edu program. This program would assist the first time internet users through the high-quality videos related to education created by the TikTok creators and educational organizations. As a part of the program, about 25 EduTok workshops would be organized by Josh Talks, and around 5000 creative individuals would be shortlisted to attend a hands-on learning workshop. On the other hand, The Nudge Foundation would focus on Soft Skills, Skill Development, Identity Building, Job Readiness and Career Planning, by creating customized contents.

The workshops will be organized for over six months, beginning from October 2019 until March 2020. It will be held across six states, namely Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Jammu. Around 200 users could enroll for each workshop, which would be conducted in the state's regional languages with popular TikTok creators.  

The prominent ed-tech companies such as Toppr, Made Easy, and GradeUp have also associated with TikTok to deliver subject oriented on the platform.

"Education is meant to involve a process of collaboration and co-creation. As TikTok's most impactful campaign in India to date, #EduTok has enabled an active exchange of knowledge and skills, which has brought about a shift in the consumption of educational content online. The #EduTok Program is TikTok's effort in bringing innovation in the education industry by democratizing learning. The #EduTok Mentorship program is aimed at leveraging TikTok's reach across six states with the lower literacy rates. We are thankful to our partners who have joined hands with us in this mission and are excited to make #EduTok a phenomenon in the world of education," states Nitin Saluja, Director, Public Policy, TikTok India.