Tata Consultancy Services LATAM Awarded Nearshore Trendsetter of the Year at 2019 Nexus Illuminate Awards

Tata Consultancy Services LATAM Awarded Nearshore Trendsetter of the Year at 2019 Nexus Illuminate Awards

One of the world’s leading global IT services, Tata Consulting Services (TCS) has been named as the Nearshore Trendsetter of the Year at the 2019 Nexus Illuminate Awards. TCS was identified for its Business 4.0 thought leadership framework and the backing of Cloud, Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Kirk Laughlin, Founder & MD, Nearshore Americas, comments, “TCS Latin America has set the bar high in every regard. Operationally and strategically, TCS Latin America continues to innovate within the nearshore delivery model and therefore is well deserving of this Nexus 2019 honor”.

Nearshore Americas presented the Awards to celebrate excellence and innovation in the nearshore service delivery and TCS  received the Awards for its continuous dedication to support other organizations grip digital technologies to become intelligent, Agile, automated and on the cloud.

Speaking about the award, Marcela Wurmann, CEO, TCS – Latin America, says, “This award is recognition of our thought leadership, investments in state-of-the-art nearshore and global service delivery infrastructure, our large pool of digital talent and commitment to our customers’ success”.

Being a strong force in Latin America, TCS conducts various outreach programmes such as ENABLE which encourages employability amongst the vulnerable sections of the society and goIT, which boosts the students to get the right skills and confidence required to become tomorrow’s technology leaders.

Started in 2009, Nearshore Americas motivates the engagement between customers, investors, service providers, and regional and investment agencies in the services industry. Having supported over 50 organizations during the last decade, Nearshore Americas provided market consulting, analysis, brand-building and lead generation programs across the Latin America and the Caribbean.

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